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j v

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of Biomass

Biomass This is how
biomass is
produced This is where
biomass rescources are found This is the cost of biomass now and what it will be in the future What is Biomass? Biomass is a renewable energry source that is created with biodegradable means. Wood
Alcohol fuels
-Ethanol Our alternative fuel source is... Where is it being made? How Biomass works Conversion technology can turn Biomass into different types of energy. When the energy is realesed directly it creates heat and electricity. People use thermal, chemical, and biochemical means to convert biomass. Biomass can also be converted into different forms like liquid biofuel. Waste treatment facilities and landfills are using making biomass to create energy and keep their city clean. When your burning it your creating Biomass Pros and Cons Biomass is a renawble energy source
A clean energy that leaves no harmful byproducts
Helps solid waste management
Growing crops for biomass produce oxygen and they use up carbon dioxide
Don't need to spend money on foreign oil Causes pollution
Contributes to Global Warming
Still expensive until people reasearch ways to make it less expensive
Fire Boil water Powers turbines Electricity Steam Cost of Biomass Biomass fuel costs around $0 - $5 per million of Btu (Brittish Thermal unit) The cost of Biomass electricity is 9/kWh Research in the future will make Biomass even cheaper than it is today. Our Opinion Our opinion on Biomass is that its an efficent and its a great new source of energy to replace fossil fuels. It should be used more because of how cheap it is to make electricity, heat, and fuel compared to fossil fuels.
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