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Verb Mood

No description

Brandon Bristow

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Verb Mood

Verb Mood Mood in grammar is a verb form that indicates the writers attitude towards what he or she is talking about. Three Types of Verb Mood Imperative Expresses command or gives direction You made it! Now for the hard part. Subjuctive Expresses a suggestion, requirement, desire, or states a condition that is contrary-to-fact. Examples If request or requirement...

Rules require that all the questions on the quiz must be answered correctly.
It's recommended that you help Mood-Man so that he can save the world. More Examples! If imaginary or hypothetical...
If the whole world were more knowledgeable about verb mood, Mood-Man would need a new hobby.
I wish I were more knowledgeable about verb mood! Verb Mood Mood-Man and the Moody Maze! 1st Mood: INDICATIVE Indicative states facts, opinions, or ask questions Ex) We are in a maze. This maze is scary! Can Mood-Man get us out? 2nd Mood: Imperative Ex.) Help Mood-Man! Go around the corner and to the right. Challenge: Determine which is Imperative and which is Indicative.

This monster needs a bath!
Get this right!
Mood-Man needs to make it through the maze to help the world. 3rd Mood: Subjunctive Verbs like...
... indicate request or requirement. Contrary-to-fact clauses state imaginary or hypothetical conditions and usually begin with if or unless or follow wish. Go this way! The Final Challenge!
Identify Each Form of Mood Mood-Man needs to get out to help people! Help him! If the maze were any more complicated, it would have been impossible to escape. You Made It! Congratulations, you made it out of the maze and can now tell your friends all about verb mood! Present Past Mood-Man would be happier if he had been born with super strength. *note- Do not use the helping verb would or could in a contrary-to-fact clause beginning with if. No-Many people would have helped if they would have known.

Yes-Many people would have helped if they had known.
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