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5.02 Muscular Fitness: Safety Precaution

No description

Tricel Evans

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of 5.02 Muscular Fitness: Safety Precaution

Tricel Evans Safety
Precautions Proper Footwear Equipment must be in good condition in meaning all screw are tighten properly and put together, because you don't want it to break while completing routine exercise Equipment Conditions Your body can only handle a certain amount
of weight don't go overboard. Don't lift over the max

Start from light weight to heavy weights Amount Of Weight Lifting Techniques when work out everyone forgets to breath which can harm themselves Don't Forget To Breath Correctly
Warming up is essential to all work out , So is cooling down Giving your body enough time to slow down beneficial to experience of working out Cooling Down Its best to wear correct footwear , which prevents injuries and reduces risks In this lesson we will go over the five techniques to use when working out Always lift the correct way to find out the right ways to lift ask a training that the best way .Keeping your back straight is a good way
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