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eSommelier Hospitality Systems

No description

Pitch Kitchen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of eSommelier Hospitality Systems

Integrates with most existing in-room entertainment systems
Founded 2003
Wine Management Software, Services and Hardware solutions for Private Collectors, Hotels, Restaurants and Storage Facilities
1,028 installations worldwide as of August 2010
~$720,000,000 in aggregate value of collections tracked
“Common among our clients are cellars in dire need of organization and a properwine management system. An ordered cellar adds to the enjoyment of a collection and helps locate that bottle you need immediately. It ensures that wines do not cellar past their prime...”
Warren Porter, Iron Gate Private Wine Management

“Intuitively designed....with the touch of a button, eSommelier can keep you up-to-date on yourwinecellar inventory, evaluate the total value of your collection, and remind you where you stored a specific bottle.”
Jessica Taylor, the Robb Report

“Oenophiles need not be technophiles to manage their collections with eSommelier”
Michel Marriott, New York Times

“The eSommelier system can be accessed from any networked device in the home, as well as from anywhere around the world. This is particularly useful for collectors that have either a second home or store their wine collection off site. Searching for a particular bottle for dinner is also a simple task.”
Jeremy Glowacki, Residential Systems

"I cannot live without my eSommelier system!
Joe Bruno, New Orleans
eSommelier Reputation
In July 2004, a 5 Star Hotel bought Chateau Mouton Rothschild for $299 per bottle.
In Sept. 2007, that bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild cost $560 per bottle.
Any idea how much you should be charging for that Chateau Mouton Rothschild today?
Multiply this by all the wines collected in the cellar
and this could amount to a big loss.
A front-end guest interface which allows guests to browse and order wine right from their room using the existing the in-room entertainment system
eSommelier Hospitality
eSommelier Hospitality is
used by the hotel property to keep track of where the wine is stored, what the current valuation/pricing should be, and what the recommended drink dates are. All of this information helps corporate HQ manage all the properties' cellars remotely in real-time.
A back-end wine management system which enables the hotel or restaurant's beverage manager to better manage wine on premises.
Optional tablet touch screen which can be used in the restaurant and placed on tables for guests to browse the wine list.
Remote Customer
Checking wine
Know how much wine you have
Know how much wine you've sold
Keep track value and movement of wine
Where is our wine?
What should we sell?
How much profit are we making
on wine?

How much are we spending on wine?
How much Chateau Mouton Rothschild did we sell last year?
Why eSommelier?
What should we buy?
A web-based wine management system that provides business intelligence around the groups wine inventory and sales. Integrated in POS and Inventory systems..
For more information contact:

Greg Rosner
Office (201) 934-6600
525 Oritan Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657
Visit us at www.facebook.com/esommelier
©2012 eSommelier Inc.
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