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Steve West

on 25 November 2015

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Why Customer Experience?
Customer Loyalty
Measuring Customer Satisfaction - the Do's and Donts...
The new mix of Contact Centre Metrics...
Social Media - Why you need to engage...
Seth Godin - “Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option.”
What is Customer Experience?
So what is Customer Experience Management?
"Creating an environment where customers can be influenced from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocates (fans)."
Customers are having 'Experiences' with you whether you like it or not!
Your view of your organisation is not real. Its a 'Inside-In' view

Only the customers view from 'Outside-In' is real

You need to look through the customers eyes!

Average Handle Time
Wrap Time
First Call Resolution
Average Answer Time
Abandon Rate
Churn / Turnover
First 'Session' Resolution
Customer Satisfaction Index
Net Promoter Score
Customer 'Effort' Score
Employee Engagement Score
Gap Analysis Score (Needs v Wants)
Indivual Agent Customer Satisfaction Score
Employee Empowerment - Giving access to common sense!
96% of under 30’s in the Western World are part of a social network
If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest
80% of companies now use Social Media for recruitment; 95% of these using LinkedIn
50% of the mobile Internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook
The #2 largest search engine in the world is YouTube
There are over 200,000,000 Blogs in existence some of them are talking about your company
34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands
78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (word of mouth).....Only 14% trust advertisements
Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate
4 steps to a successful customer experience programme...

1. Gain Enhanced Customer Feedback
2. Uncover key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty
3.Implement Business Process Improvements
4. Roadmap the Improvements into a continuous Voice of Customer cycle...
Give your past, existing and potential customers the opportunity to tell you exactly what they expect from Triumph
Using your 'Voice of Customer' insight, implement improvement plans at organisational, team and individual level. For a successful customer-centric culture, this step has to be bought into from the top down aross each business function
What influences them to advocate and repurchase from you?
What do you have to do to reduce dissatisfaction and increase satisfaction?
What REALLY matters to each Triumph customer?
Feedback to your customers the improvements you are making. Involve your customers in prioritising what needs to change. Ask customers what they think and feel - little and often. Finally, track customer behaviour; measure they are doing what they intended to
78% of UK Consumers check Social Media reviews before purchasing new products or services - 67% complain online if something goes wrong!!!!
Understand customer tolerances
Incentivise customer feedback
Ask questions relevant to the customer!
Stop and probe if a negative answer is given
Allow for verbatim responses
Survey customers via a channel they are comfortable with
Survey little and often - a handful of questions every few months
Let customers know what you are doing with the feedback
Proactively contact dissatisfied customers - immediatley
Run the survey without first piloting it
Survey Customer Satisfaction
Use double-barreled questions
Assume anything about the respondant
Use jargon or terms specific to your business
Use just 'Yes' or 'No' as answer options
Sit on the Results!
"Customer Experience is the sum of all experiences (feelings, thoughts, actions, memories etc) a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier"
Steve West
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