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Pastorius Monument in Vernon Park

No description

Sierra Carter-Gordon

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Pastorius Monument in Vernon Park

Pastorius Monument in Vernon Park Designed Albert Jaeger
Finished around the same time as the beginning of the US war with Germany
Designed to show the first German Settlers in a more symbolic light rather than historical
Erected in Vernon Park in 1917 after the end of WW1, however... Propaganda? Where Did This Idea Come From? National German-American Alliance WW1 "Miss Civilization"
Initially to be clad in armour
Towering over everything, she is meant to represent "the indefinable something" that the pilgrims below are searching for to help estabish their new world.
Represents realization and enlightenment
Light Bearer Salve Posteritas
Posteritas Germanopolitana
Et ex artumento insequentis paginae
Primitus observa
Parentes ac majores tuos
Dulce solum, quod eos genuerat alueratque
Diu voluntario exilio
(oh! Patrios focus!)
ut in silvosa hac Pennsylvania
deserta solitudine
minus sollicti
residuum aetatis
germane h.e. instar fratrum
Porror etiam addiscas
Quantae molis erat
Exant lato jam mari Atlantico
In Septentrionali isthoc americae tractu
German[i]am condere gentem
Tuque series dilecta nepotum!
Ubi fuimus exemplar honesti
Nostrum imitare exemplum.
Sin autem a semita tam difficili abbervamus
Quod pienitenter agnoscitur
Et sic te faciant aliena pericula cautum.
Vale posteritas!
Vale Germanitas!
Aeternum Vale! Hail posterity,
the posterity of Germantown
and from the information of the following pages
firstly observe
that your parents and ancestors did dessert germany, in volentary exile
the sweet land, which birthed and nourised them for a long time
(oh the hearth of the fatherland!)
so that they might settle in this forest of Pennsylvania
in a wild solitude
they passed the rest of their life, less bothered,
that is, like a brother [german].
Further still, you may learn
what an undertaking it was
to go out on the wide atlantic ocean to found brotherly people in that northern tract of America.
And you,
beloved generation of grandchildren!
when we were a model of goodness,
imitate our example.
but if, however, we have wandered from such a difficult path
which we sadly recognize; forgive us.
and thus the dangers encouraged by others make you aware and careful
be well posterity
be well brotherliness
be well forever Pastorius:

Quantae molis erat…German[i]am condere gentem


Tantae molis erat romanam condre gentem
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