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About Information Victoria Presentation to Minister Rich-Phillips Tuesday 15 February 2011

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glenys robinson

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of About Information Victoria Presentation to Minister Rich-Phillips Tuesday 15 February 2011

Call Centre
6000 calls per month
45% public enquiries including births, deaths & marriages
55% program calls eg; grants, ban on tobacco display
> 95% customer satisfaction rating
co-located with other DBI phone services
1st inclusion for Call Centre Improvement Program Bookshop
6,000 titles, X% are legislation
$0000 annual sales, x % are legislation/govt publications
gradual decline in overall sales (>25% since 2006)
3000 customers/mth: government, private, legal and small business
>95% customer satisfaction
impending changes to location and service model
migrate customers to bookshop.vic.gov.au eServices
government portal www.vic.gov.au
Contacts and Services Directory
government intranet VPS Hub
egov resource centre
next-gen tech/web seminars vic.gov.au
Strategic initiatives
mobile web/apps eg; Vote Victoria
data.vic.gov.au & mash-up competition
information management framework
WoVG web analytics Call Centre Improvement Program (CCIP)

Proposal (VicConnect & 13VICGOV) to establish shared services for contact centre services in regional Victoria. Costs ($x) Benefits ($x).
14 million calls per annum
400 published numbers (1300, 1800 and 13)
many take less than one call a day
10 years, numerous studies which outline ways to improve contact services
combination of in-house and out-sourced models
inconsistent strategic and operational management by Government
investment in ICT telephony and infrastructure is isolated and potentially duplicated across sites.

Customer problem: unreliable service and quality, access to services, access to information
Government problem: proliferation of services, inefficiences, fragmented operations, cost considerations, performance, no holistic view of government services

Status: Minister x to be briefed by DTF Service and connect Victorians and the government
Improve access to government services and information for Victorians
Improved the innovation capacity of Victorian industry, government and community
Promote and facilitate web, new media and service excellence across the public sector

the Internet in your pocket...

43% of online Australians own a smartphone.
By 2015, mobile will overtake the PC as the most common, primary device for web access. (Gartner 2009)

Events Calendar
Contacts & Services Directory
Got a Question?
mobile web/app strategy due mid-year Government Exhibit @ RMS

Saturday 24 September to Tuesday 4 October 2011
interactive, educational, fun experience of government services
x patrons, families with young children
34 % of total RMS patrons visit the Government pavillion (61% adults)
x government exhibitors eg; GoForYourLife, Police, Shine, Premier's Reading Challenge,
BERC funded - $500,000 p.a to 2012
tour and luncheon with members of Royal Agriculture Society of Victoria
"Raw data now!" ..."government data, scientific data, community data, whatever it is -- it will be used by other people to do wonderful things, in ways that they never could have imagined. " Tim Berners-Lee

Making more government information and data available to stimulate economic activity, improve government transparency and support public participation and research

data.vic.gov.au - March 2010, x datasets incl. transport, crime and geospatial
created in support of AppMyState competition
the Public Sector Information Release Framework (PSIRF) a guide the management and release of public sector information due September 2011
follows the Victorian Government response to EDIC Inquiry establishing release of PSI as the default position.
opening up Government is a key action area in the VPS Government 2.0 Action Plan.

World wide movement of which the benefits :
•Lead to increased commercial activity
•Providing primary data to researchers in a wide range of disciplines.
•Increasing openness and transparency of government
•Lead to improved efficiency in government, business, and for the public generally.
•Driving innovation and new services to citizens and businesses.•
Creating new opportunities for Victorian Government to increase its engagement with the community.
• a range of social and economic benefits.

Improve information sharing between Government agencies resulting in:
•Stimulation of VPS innovation and knowledge enhancements
•Improved Government efficiencies
•Improved Government policy development and response
•Improved public perceptions
•Improved data management and record keeping
establish a consistent ‘whole-of-government’ methodology for categorisation, storage and greater release of PSI. About the Public Sector Information Release Framework

The framework will guide government agencies to:
•categorise information and datasets
•determine pricing models
•determine appropriate licences with creative commons licensing as the default and a tailored suite of licences for restricted material
•better manage their information making it more usable and accessible PRINCIPLES

1. PSI will be made available
All Victorian PSI will be made available unless access to PSI is restricted for reasons of privacy, security or other criteria as defined by the framework. There will be a right to appeal decisions not to publish PSI.

2. PSI will be free
All published Victorian PSI will be provided at no or minimal cost unless PSI meets criteria defined by the framework.

3. PSI will be released under an appropriate licence

All Victorian PSI made available will be released under Creative Commons licensing by default with a tailored licence for restricted material. Agencies will apply the least restrictive use rights that are legally and operationally applicable to the PSI to be licensed.

4. PSI will be accessible
All Victorian PSI made available will be accessible.
Agencies at a minimum must:
• Ensure that published PSI is appropriately described as defined by the framework.
• Ensure all published PSI can be accessed through external search engines.
• Publish their Information Asset Registers to enable both internal and external users to identify available PSI from a single source. All PSI of an agency will be listed in their Information Asset Register unless exempt under criteria defined by the framework.
• Provide a process by which internal and external users can query the agency about the existence of particular unpublished PSI and provide feedback on published PSI.

5. PSI will be usable
Where this does not unduly delay its release, all Victorian PSI made available will be published in an internationally recognised ‘open’ format that is usable by internal and external users and meets appropriate Victorian Government information standards as identified by the framework

6. PSI will have an assigned custodian and assigned accountabilities
All Victorian PSI will have designated custodians who will ensure appropriate care in the collection, storage and maintenance of the PSI. Each Agency Head will be responsible for ensuring agency compliance with this policy and reporting their compliance in their agency’s Annual Report unless otherwise directed.

X visits per month / < one min. ave time on site
google/search driven traffic
40% increase 12 months ago
70% customer satisfaction rating
online services added, popular with users eg; Got a Question?, events calendar, contacts and services directory
traditional portal model 'publish, link and navigate'
change to dynamic, service-driven site
push top searches and 'trending' info
add video news/government information items
increase interaction options; RSS, topic, events, news
aggregate feeds from government social media sources
Events calendar and push top events for the day, add alerts for type of event Conversations with Government...Have Your Say

Establish a dedicated online consultation site;
to improve discoverability – all online participation activities available at one easily remembered url
streamline service delivery – only one instance of the web application needs to be installed and maintained
support activities in online participation by all departments – particularly helpful for business units with limited resources.
launch - mid year
Contacts and Services Directory
x visits, parliament
distributed and single source authoring
dynamic and immediate updating
visual tools (maps,
Australian Web Award 2010
next releases - print-on-demand, mobile, voice recognition, more icons.
Issues & Opportunities

Royal Melbourne Show 2011

Contacts & Services Directory (yet to be officially launched)

Issues & Opportunities

extend data.vic.gov.au & mash-up competition

availability of additonal datasets

government programs/content for HaveYourSay

PSI Release Framework - lacks broader Policy

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