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Nuclear Engineering

No description

farouk Mohamed Ahmed

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Nuclear Engineering

Instructor: Dr. Hesham Hegazi

Presented by:
Kareem El shafei, Andrew M Yassa & Farouk M Ahmed

Introduction about Nuclear engineering and Nuclear physics
European & North American Nuclear Engineering Departments
Curriculum & Concentrations
Nuclear Engineer's Career & Applications
Availability in Egypt
Any Questions ?
Availability in Egypt
Nuclear Engineering in North America and Europe
Career & Applications
Nuclear Engineering curriculum is mainly divided into four concentrations :
North America
MIT University
Nuclear Engineering
The MIT Nuclear Engineering Department (NED) is the premier US department in its
field both by size of graduate program and by the assessment of our peers surveyed by 
U.S. News and World Report.
University of California - Berkeley
The Department of Nuclear Engineering was established in 1958. Graduates find opportunities for employment and professional careers in the United States and abroad.
Fission Reactor Analysis & Engineering
Nuclear Materials
Nuclear Waste & Materials Management
Thank you
Nuclear Engineering in Egypt
Nuclear Engineering major is offered by Alexandria university since 1964.
Technology provided to the students is not up to the modern standards.
Limited number of students due to the extremely limited job opportunities.
Another University offering Nuclear Engineering is Zewail University which was established in 2000 and inaugurated in 2011, despite the conflicts, it is expected that it would have a prominent future in the field of research.
Some notable Nuclear Engineers in Egypt are:
Dr. Yahya El-Mashad
Dr. Mohamed A. Abdou
Nuclear Projects in Egypt
EL-Dabbaa Nuclear power station project on the Egyptian Mediterranean coast was started on 2006 and was tackled by many obstacles until 2013, the project revived again.
It is capable of producing 1000MW of electricity.
Selection of International courses for the nuclear engineering major :
Eugene Wigner Course on Reactor Physics Experiments
Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
Radiation Protection and Nuclear Measurements
Fusion Reactor Engineering
Nuclear Reactor Theory
The University of Manchester
This university which was founded in 1824 is one of the largest universities in Europe and offers three different degrees : PhD, MPhil & EngD.
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
UPMC offers Master Nuclear Engineering Specialization (M2 - PA). The Master’s specialization aims to train students in UPMC’s areas of excellence in nuclear science : civil engineering, nuclear instrumentation, resources managements and waste storage modeling.
The Difference between Nuclear Engineering & Nuclear Physics
Nuclear engineering is the branch concerned with the application of the breakdown (fission) as well as the fusion of atomic nuclei and/or the application of other sub-atomic physics, based on the principles of nuclear physics.
Nuclear Physics is a field of science that’s mainly about concepts related to the atomic nuclei.
At that moment, the energy demand is met to a great extent by fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil). Since the discovery of nuclear fission more than 50 years ago, its use has become increasingly significant for the supply of electrical and thermal energy, and the importance of regenerative energy carriers will still be rising in the future.

Significance of Nuclear Engineering in the Future
Nuclear engineers are involved in every step of the nuclear process, from fission or fusion to the disposal of nuclear waste products
The majority of nuclear engineers work for public utilities or engineering consulting firms where they mostly work in teams maintaining and replacing nuclear systems
Some nuclear engineers work as researchers for new uses of nuclear energy in the industrial field as well as medical field which is one of the growing fields nowadays
Nuclear engineers can be found developing numerous applications for nuclear energy including:
Power plants for consumer heat and electricity
Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Preservation of food supplies
Sterilization of medical instruments
Systems to power ships and space crafts
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