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Sonic personajes

Samantha Gutierrez Sanchez

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of Sonic

Sonic the
Hedgehog Tails the
Fox Knuckles the
Echidna Shadow the
Hedgehog Silver the
Hedgehog Amy Rose Metal Sonic Mephiles the
Dark Rouge the
Bat Wave the
Swallow Jet the
Hawk Super Silver the
Hedgehog Super Sonic the
Hedgehog Super Shadow
The Hedgehog Sonic the Werehog Blaze the
Cat Big the Cat Vector the
Crocodile Classic Tails Classic
Sonic Charmy the
Bee Wisps Espio the
Chamaleon Sir Lancelot Sir
Galahad Nimue the
Lady of the Lake Sir Gawain Dr.
Eggman Dark Super
Sonic Darkspine Sonic Excalibur Sonic E-123 Omega Black Smith Storm the Albatross
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