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Walt Disney Company

No description

Anne Fehrenbacher

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Walt Disney Company

History of Walt Disney Current Situation after the dead of Walter Disney... Mass medias
Headquarter in Burbank, California
156,000 employees (in 2011)
worldwide sale
large product range
annual turnover Some facts... Mass media reaching a large audience by mass communication electronic media: television, radio, movies, CD's... print media: newspapers, books, magazines... Foundation More financial information Walter Elias Disney * 5.12.1901 † 15.12.1966 his family had a farm
always interested in drawing
art class with 14 years http://www.mediadb.eu/datenbanken/internationale-medienkonzerne/the-walt-disney-company.html




http://www.bpb.de/gesellschaft/medien/mediendatenbank/133400/the-walt-disney-company?p=all after the First World War he made short commercials with a graphic artist and his brother Roy O. Disney 1923 Walter and Roy Disney found the "Disney Brothers Cartoon-Studio"
1926 "Walt Disney-Studio"
breakthrough with "Micky Mouse" Company Overview Media Networks include a big range of broadcast, cable, radio and digital companies Parks and Resorts the 11 theme parks and the 46 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia are unforgettable destinations for every family The Walt Disney Studios bring quality movies, music and stage plays to consumers all over the world Disney Consumer Products produce and sell merchandises like clothing, toys and home décor, books, magazines, foods, beverages, stationery, electronics... Disney Interactive tries to reach the target audience by using digital media platforms like social and console games, online virtual worlds... Advertising and Promotion Strategies International Outreach Strategy Target Market Strategies Innovation as a Marketing Strategy company rejects all new ideas
tries to continue the ideas of Walter Disney the outcome:
deep crises (in the 80's)
share price fell deeply the rescue: "Team Disney" rescues the company modernization
expansion in 1997:
takeover of the "ABC-Group"
19 billion USD Michael Eisener Frank Wells in 2004:
conflict between Disney and Pixar In 2005: Robert Iger becomes CEO reconciliation with Steve Jobs, the chief of Pixar In 2006: Pixar becomes a part of the Walt Disney Company 7 % belongs to Steve Jobs CEO: Robert Iger close cooperation with Apple Sources in 1991:
Cooperation with Pixar Animation Studios (Steve Jobs)
Toy Story, A bug's life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo... Turnover
(in Mio. Dollar) Thank you for your attention!
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