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No description

Lucy Jeong

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Hamlet

connect the dots
Lucy Jeong
Lion King
savior image
Who is Hamlet?
Hamlet's procrastination
What would McMurphy say to Hamlet?
"Man up a little will ya?"
"you just have to take care of that uncle of yours just like I did to that Nurse Rached."
Hamlet as a son
Hamlet as a lover

By looking at Randle McMurphy's aggressive and violent behavior toward Nurse Ratched throughout the end of the film, it is evident that McMurphy would advise hamlet to kill Claudius without hesitation. McMurphy acts emotionally, and does not think of the consequence he may have after his action. It contrasts with Hamlet's behavior, where Hamlet procrastinates and considers outer factors. He worries about his afterlife when he decides whether or not to commit suicide. His cautious behavior prevents him from killing Claudius right away emotionally. McMurphy's advice would motivate Hamlet to make up his mind for the revenge.
Scene of Gwen's death
Why Spiderman?

Two lives
Introducing Hamlet
Hamlet's clothing will always be suitable for funeral, no matter what century he may be living in. His sorrow toward King Hamlet is so deep that he wears dark black clothing everyday in order to morn his father's death.

Black also brings out negative, dark energy out of Hamlet, and influences the play by enabling the audience to visualize Hamlet's mood and feelings indirectly.
NOW! The McMurphy Studio presents.....
directed by Randle McMurphy
Hamlet shows great respect toward his father when he meets the ghost that looks like King Hamlet. He assures the ghost that he will take revenge for him, and morns the father's death for a long time. These behaviors of Hamlet shows his respect toward Kin Hamlet. One of the physical evidence throughout the play that shows his respect toward the father would be his black clothing.

However, throughout he poem, he shows great love toward a court jester Hamlet knew as a young boy, Yorick. He sees the skull of Yorick and reflects back to the time when he was loved and cared by him. This scene imply that Yorick was who Hamlet relied on; meaning that he had less affection toward his father than the audience would expect.

There is a contrasting relationship between Hamlet and his father, where some attitude shows great affection toward his father, but some does not. His respect toward his father is evident, but his love and affection can be questioned.
R and G
Is it madness? or not
Sir Macbeth played a role as Hamlet
Death of an innocent
how does death of innocent affect the play?
How does sexism in films affect society?



What does Ophlia really want to say?
Act 1 Scene 1

A mote it is to trouble the mind’s eye.
In the most high and palmy state of Rome,
A little ere the mightiest Julius fell,
The graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead
Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets
As stars with trains of fire and dews of blood,
Disasters in the sun, and the moist star
Upon whose influence Neptune’s empire stands
Was sick almost to doomsday with eclipse.
Act 3 Scene 2

I did enact
Julius Caesar
. I was killed i' th' Capitol. Brutus killed me.
It's not what it seems inside
How people thought it would be
How it really was
People outside the castle dreamed inside the castle as a perfect place where there were no conflicts or secret.

They entered the castle during the coronation day, and still believed that it was like the dream place they always imagined of.

However, the people soon realize that queen Elsa had a secret magical power of freezing, that she did not know how to control.

The fantasy inside the castle was only an imagination. The reality inside included darker and more negative conflicts.
Similarily to the kingdom in Frozen, The kingdom of Denmark in Hamlet is also different from what middle class people think of.

The play is dealt with only the scenes inside the castle, only about the high class. Shaespeare did not consider the views outside of the castle, where all of the ordinary people lived.

Therefore, the luxurious castle is not what it seems in the inside; It is full of hatred, revenge, and death in Hamlet.
Gossip from the middle class.
Hamlet is a character who connects all the characters and plots together. He is the main reason for numerous characters' death:
Hamlet (himself)

In addition, William Shakespeare includes several unique concepts throughout the play, which allows the play to have connections with various movies and arguable issues in the present.
Just like how Hamlet procrastinates in killing Claudius, Many high school students procrastinates in completing their homework. Hamlet looks for reasons to delay the revenge, and he starts off by doubting the identity of the ghost. Hamlet lists off reasons for not being ready for the murder, and leaves his task up to the very last minute. Similarly, high school students always look for an excuse for late assignments or projects ( possibly this one ). Even though the students realize the consequence that comes after their procrastination, their habit makes them to procrastinate anyways. By creating a characteristic shown commonly in people's behavior, the play can be connected to ordinary teenagers.
Into the rabbit hole
In Matrix, Neo chooses to find out what Matrix really was and takes the red pill which brought him to a real world
Similarly to Hamlet, In the beginning of the play, Hamlet chooses to meet the ghost of King hamlet which begins the whole confilct, making him to take revenge on Claudius.
next slide for character introduction
The appearance of FedEx branding in "Castaway" is technically not a product placement since the FedEx company did not pay for the screen time.
After the film's release FedEx saw a significant increase in brand awareness in place where brand recognition was low.

Throughout the play, William Shakespeare includes a dialogue between the characters where they talk about Shakespeare's other plays such as Julius Caeser. The purpose of including descriptions of his other play is to advertise the upcoming play.

These descriptions allow the audience to be curious of what the play is about.

No matter what century, there are always some sort of advertisement hidden in the play or the film that arouses the audience.
"The matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change the human being into
Short trailor of Hamlet.
Joker in Batman
Joker is an insane supervillan in Batman.He is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance, which appeals his madness. Initially portrayed as a violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement. He is depicted as a vicious, calculating, psychopathic killer. The Joker has been responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman's life.

The reason for Joker's insanity is because of his obsession to become insane. He tries to be fun and humorous in deadly serious situations at all times. He makes the audience question what insanity really is. The Joker himself thinks Batman is insane, with his hero-like characteristic. Would simply not conforming with the mass society be a reason for madness?
Hamlet: McMurphy
Horatio: Bromden
Claudius: Nurse Ratched
Polonius: Warren, Washington, Williams
Reasons for casting
How McMurphy chose to go to the psychiatric facility is similar to how Hamlet chose to see the ghost.
He would have an idea of how starting a new expedition would be like
McMurphy also participates in his community abnormally, which separate him from other characters.

He is the most suitable role for main character, Hamlet, since all of the other characters revolve around his behaviors.
He is the person who knows the most about the main character, McMurphy (who plays Hamlet)
Takes the responsibility to reveal the story of McMurphy and the psychiatric facility, which is similar to Horacio's role of revealing the tragedy of the royals.
McMurphy relies on Bomden because he acts deaf and dumb in front of others, just like how Hamlet relies on Horacio to keep his top secret

Bromben's noble and trustworthy characteristic would fit the traits of Horacio well
Ophelia: Candy
Nurse Ratched has the ultimate power over the facility and manipulates the patients with words like Claudius does in his kingdom
She is the enemy of McMurphy, and wishes to conform him to her own expectations, similarly to how Claudius wished to change the people around him.
She also aggravates McMurphy to kill her, like how Claudius acted in ways that made Hamlet kill him.

Candy is the character who is being oppressed for being a woman, which is similar to Ophelia's lack of power for being a woman.
She is also weak, and cannot follow her own decision like Ophelia.
Main reason for her casting is because she can be viewed as the lover of the main character, McMurphy

Candy's weak image as a woman overlap with Ophelia.
They are the Hospital aides who was hired by Nurse Ratched in task of submitting to her wishes.
They report back about incidents that happened daily, like how Polonius reported even unnecessary issues to Claudius.

How the aides are being manipulated by Nurse Ratched is similar to Polonius, where he easily gets convinced and gets manipulated.
A small lion pub to the king of pride land!

Simba sees his father being killed by Scar, and runs away from the incident. He chooses to avoid and forget who he really is. But later on, he finds his own fate and kills his uncle indirectly.

Hmm.... Does this remind you of someone?

King Mufasa was killed by his own brother, Scar.
As a father of Simba, he appeared as the ghost to remind him who he really is.

"REMEMBER Simba......"
The mighty king of prideland!
Hamlet's lover, his best friend!
She is the prefect mate for Simba, and they were just born to be in love with each other.

If you pictured a helpless weak woman figure as Nala, you are wrong! The way how she brings Simba back to the prideland is just so magnificent! She is stronger and proud than any other lions are.
Timon and Pumbaa
They look like they are good friends to Simba. They stay around Hamlet, oh Simba I mean, as a enjoyable companion after Mufasa's death.

"Hakuna Matata means no worries!"
They tell Simba to take mind off from his worries and blocks Simba from doing what he should actually be doing.

Was that a good thing to do as a friend?
Making a friend procrastinate?
Hamlet's uncle! His greed lead to his own death!

A heartless character Scar killed his own brother in order to become a king himself. He ruins the beautiful prideland just for his greed.
Hmmm... What else?
He sent Simba to the elephant graveyard possibly KILLING him!

Even with all his hard work, he eventually dies because of his own greed.

Once upon a time, there lived a frog prince who needed a kiss to become a charming prince. He lived his life as a frog, but truly on the inside he was an intelligent young prince.
Amphibian and frog prince represents two lives of one human being. Amphibian has life in water, and life out on the land; frog prince has life as a frog, and life as a prince.
Various characters in Hamlet also have two lives.
TWO people who had TWO lives
Gwen, the Spiderman's girlfriend innocently dies for staying with Peter Parker, the person she loves. This scene is parallel to Ophelia and Hamlet's love scene where Ophelia commit suicide because of her hardships in love. Her insanity and death was led up from her abandonment in love from Hamlet. Ophelia and Gwen were both innocent victims who died unfairly.
Mouse in Matrix was the first one to die in the movie. He was a character who was least likely to die, since he did not play an important role throughout the film. The death is very sudden and awkward. It amuses the viewer when he was shot by Cypher, and the mood dramatically becomes more intense and serious. Death of Mouse is the initiating event for the climax to happen.
Billy Bibbit in "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" died with no reasonable reason. After being caught by the Nurse Ratched about the night with Candy, he commits suicide with a broken glass. Billy's death has similar effect on the film as Mouse's death did in the Matrix. It shocks the audience automatically, and intensifies McMurphy's hatred toward Nurse Ratched. The climax of the film is followed right after Billy's suicide.
By including death of innocent, the mood is shifted to a more serious and intense atmosphere. It occurs in the beginning of the climax, before worse conflict is presented. For instance, in Hamlet, many others' death was followed after Ophelia's death.
The death of an innocent also creates pathos to the audience, which allows the play to be more emotional.
There's more to it
then you think.
All three characters sacrificed themselves in some sort that benefited others.
Hamlet followed the order of the ghost of king Hamlet, even though he did not wanted to follow. It is similar in a way how Jesus followed the god's order no matter how hard it was to follow.
Neo is the one. He was called in to the real world, and Morpheus believed in him for no specific reason. however, when he believed in himself, he did a miracle like stopping the bullets. Believing and the insane powers portrays the savior image.
McMurphy can be seen as a savior to the patients in the psychiatric facility. The patients learn to stand up for what they believe was right rather than going along with the rules Nurse Ratched created.
Gender Equality
The characters are mainly dominated by men
Only two women appear in the play Hamlet, Gertrude and Ophelia, and both of them are only viewed as weak and powerless characters.
"Hey did you hear that?"
"We just got a new king today. It's the dude from Norway. You know Fortinbras? Yup. He's our new king now."
"What the..... What happened? Wasn't Hamlet in next line of the throne?"
"He is. But he died."
"What? How did this happen?"
"Well... it's a long story. It seems like that Hamlet's girlfriend went cuckoo and committed suicide. He got real depressed and killed himself too. But more exotic thing is that our King Claudius and the queen Gertrude passed away as well. Isn't that insane?"
"Oh.... Then they might have killed themselves too then right?"
"Yeah. That's what I'm guessing. They just can't live without prince Hamlet"
I shall obey
(This sounds familiar doesn't it?)
It's a bit different from miss you know who... Oph.. hmhhm
Look at his clau~~~
Ophelia was the character in Hamlet who became insane after all the events that was too hard for her to endure.
Hamlet's madness was not real; he just acted to be insane in order to isolate him from other royals. He believed that he needed to kill Claudius when there was nobody watching.
Laertes was seen as a noble and skillful man to Claudius in Elsinore, the kingdom of Denmark. He was well known for his martial skills and outstanding behaviors.

Hamlet acted as if he was insane in order to be isolated from the crowd when he was actually sane. He gets away with his impolite actions by acting it this way
Crazy Prince
Revengeful Nephew
Skillful Getleman
Party Animal
Well..... Why is Julius Caesar described in HAMLET?
Product placements are common in many movies nowadays.

But what about in the olden days?
Say you? Nay, pray you, mark.
 He is dead and gone, lady,
  He is dead and gone,
 At his head a grass-green turf,
  At his heels a stone.
Oh, ho!
Pray you, let’s have no words of this, but when they ask you what it means, say you this:
 Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day,
  All in the morning betime,
 And I a maid at your window,
  To be your Valentine.
 Then up he rose, and donned his clothes,
  And dupped the chamber door.
 Let in the maid that out a maid
  Never departed more.
She is sick
Ophelia is usually well behaved and she is a sophisticated lady.

But what happened???
She is mad
The lovers in spiderman and Hamlet are going through unaccepted love where the father of the girl does not give permission for their love. The lovers differ in their social positions, and the guys, spiderman and Hamlet, must let go of their girlfriends in order to keep them protected and safe.
A Letter From Ophelia
Dear My everlasting love Hamlet..

I know well that words cannot describe my love toward you my lord. But let me just write out this meaningless three words. I love you.
My heart still remembers your tender touch, and your tickling voice that melted my heart like a chocolate fondue.
I just cannot erase you out of my heart. And I just cannot go to nunnery. I would then have to give up my greatest gift of all times, you my lord.
I do not know what has happened with you over last few days, but I believe so, firmly in my heart, that you still have Hamlet the lover inside you somewhere.
I will wait.
I will wait until you remember our love.
I will not give up.
I love you and love you so much that nothing can be compared.


Zazu is the king's right hand man.
He's loyal, and he is a good companion,
but he just have to talk less.

Rafiki tells us the story of Lion King. He is the one to lead Simba to his true destiny, and the one to allow Simba to meet the ghost of Mufasa.
Advantage of Insanity
minor actions are forgivable and reasonable

ex. Cuckoo's nest fishing scene
Even though the group of patients hijacks the boat and the school bus, they didn't get in trouble.

can be truthful and honest
ex. Hamlet says that "you're a fishmonger" and makes fun of Polonius directly.

Can be isolated whenever they wish to be

ex. It was Hamlet's main reason for acting as if he was insane. People left him alone, and refused to get closer to him
Only Hamlet and Horatio knew of the plan to kill Claudius, when others thought that Hamlet was just insane. His different side of life was planning Claudius' murder and taking revenge on him for killing his father.
On the other side of Laertes, he wished to go to France to be free from his father and all the loyal dignities. He enjoyed socializing and spending time with his friends.
Let's keep it short.
The play would be over in first act because Macbeth would kill Claudius right away after meeting the ghost of King Hamlet. This is obvious to everyone who know what type of person Macbeth is.

Unlike Hamlet, Macbeth is a brave and capable warrior. He has ambition to become the most superior person. Therefore, he would kill Claudius in hope to become the king as well as to take revenge for King Hamlet.

Even small bits of the characters and setting's characteristic was what made the play 'Hamlet' such a significant tragedy.

If Hamlet was brave like Macbeth, the play would not have been this long and dynamic.

If the play took place in a tropical island, there wouldn't have been a problem for King Hamlet's death at all since there would not be a battle.

If Ophelia was did not become mad, Laertes wouldn't have tried to kill Hamlet.

If Hamlet killed Claudius in the confession room, only Claudius and hamlet would have been the ones to die.

....And so on... the list goes on forever....
The End.

Thank you

McMurphy also acted to be insane as well. Some of the acute mental patients who were voluntary was not insane either.
They just refused to conform with the majority, and become one of the "combine" as Bromden described.
Not conforming cannot be identified as madness.
Women are depicted as a lesser human in Hamlet. "I Shall Obey, my lord" was a common phrase said by women in the 1500s. which shows sexism.

Although the society has developed significantly during the last 500 years, movies that include sexism still appear on the screen.

It is included so obviously that many people does not consider them as sexism, but they are influencing the humanity's understanding of women and gender equality.
"I shall obey, my lord. "
Act 1 Scene 3
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