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Corazzolla Marta

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of THE PLOT OF GREASE

In May 1958 Danny Zuko, the leader of the T-Birds, a band of students of Rydell High School, meets Sandy Olsson, a young and naive girl coming from Australia, and if they fall in love. Sandy at the end of the holiday must return to Australia, and they are forced to say goodbye, swearing eternal love.
Sandy reveals the name of his love summer with new friends, and Rizzo, leader of the Pink Ladies, with the intention to put Danny difficulties faced friends, organize a meeting "random" between the two. Danny shows bold and indifferent in the presence of his band, but the two shortly after take their history, however, disturbed by the presence of T-Birds, the Pink Ladies and a rival gang, the Scorpions.

At the expectation dance competition organized by the school, Danny and Sandy occur in pairs, and appear the favorites for final victory, but are again separated. The T-Birds do everything possible to put together Danny to his former girlfriend and companion dancing Cha-Cha Di Gregorio. Danny is pushed in the arms of Cha-Cha and she concludes dancing final and wins the race. Sandy feels betrayed and abandoned the party disgusted.
The programs of Sandy but suddenly changed: he enrolled in the same school and there Danny knows a group of students called Pink Ladies, which is friendship. Both Danny, and Sandy, unaware of the fate that lies make their friends share their history, and Sandy is laughed by companions for his ingenuity.



In an attempt to reconcile, Danny Sandy leads to drive-in, asks Sandy to be his girlfriend, gives a ring, and tries clumsily to embrace and kiss, but Sandy reacts indispettita and Run away, leaving Danny alone with her thoughts.
The T-Birds and the Scorpions challenge in a car between bands. Kenickie, brotherly friend of Danny, should lead to the T-Birds, but has an accident and faints. Danny then driving to the post of Kenickie and wins the race.
Sandy, who attended the race, then include the nature of Danny and decides to get back in the game, leaving the vestments of girl for good. Thus, the feast of the end of the year, a new Sandy appears stunned to Danny, more grintosa and "bad", decided to approach the way of being of his beloved and ready to win. The notes of the song You're the One that I Want understand that the two are made for each other and fly away on a glistening roadster, greeted by festive friends.
THE END !!!!!!!!!
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