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7 Steps of PHAB Accreditation

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Kate Jerman

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of 7 Steps of PHAB Accreditation

1. Pre-Application A. Determine eligibility. 4. Site Visit Trained PHAB evaluators conduct a site visit and issue a site visit report. PHAB: Public Health Accreditation Board 7 Steps of PHAB Accreditation 2. Application Submit application & pay fees. B. Complete the pre-requisites. C. Assign an accreditation coordinator. B1. Community Health Assessment B2. Community Health Improvement Plan B3. Public Health Department Strategic Plan ACPHD is an eligible local health department The Alameda County Public Health Department Accreditation Coordinator is Dani Taylor, MPH The Accreditation Coordinator must attend a 2 day training with PHAB before the health department can submit their application. There are 12 domains, 32 standards and 98 measures local health departments must be compliant with to earn accredited status. The site visit team consists of 3-4 people and the visit typically lasts 2-3 days. The report will describe how the measures were met, or what was missing; unique or exceptional practices that deserve to be shared; and opportunities for improvement. 6. Reports Annual reports are due during the 5 year accreditation period. 7. Reaccreditation After 5 years the process starts again. 3. Document Selection
& Submission Select and submit documents that demonstrate ACPHD's compliance with PHAB standards & measures. 5. Accreditation
Decision Status decided. "Accredited" status is good for 5 years. "Not Accredited" status will include a report on needed improvements. ACPHD plans to apply by June 2014
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