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Front office 5

greeting guest, hotel history, what included

Go English Live

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Front office 5

Front office Intro
Communication ?
Front desk & reception
Welcome to the Hotel El Porton de San Joaquin
Yes, I'd like to make a reservation for the weekend..
Of course , For how many?
Hello, how can I help you today?
Always be very nice to guest.
When you give hotel information
Have in mind ...
Breakfast is included from 6-10am
We have a sauna, Steam room, and exercise machines
We offer free wifi for hotel guest
There is business center with computers
So, whats included in the hotel?
And how do I connect to Wi-Fi?
Our WIFI is =
The password is =
We are available to all guest 24/7, or dial 0 on the room phone.
Twenty four hours/ seven days a week.
What do you serve for breakfast?

Arepas (corncake) and more ..
We serve ...
Our hours: 7.30 am- 9.30 pm
About the Hotel
We are pleased to have you. How can I help you?
If someone needs to make phone calls.
Offer them minutes for a prepaid phone.
Explain how it works
1) we need the cellphone number and operator?
2) we can recharge the phone with different amounts. 5.000$, 10.000$ or any value.
I need to make some calls while I'm out, can you help me with that?
Of course, We can charge your phone with minutes.
The end
The Hotel El Porton of San Joaquin is a boutique hotel, business and tourist superior. Elegant, formal and sober, located in a residential, quiet and safe area of the sector Laureles 70
Would you like to see the menu?
Can you tell me about the hotel ?
To offer- would you like me to tell you about the hotel?
oh you need minutes?
We accept cash only $$
Three meeting rooms
spin bike
Hotel insurance
Room service
Private parking
Safe box
Laundry Service
with an aditional cost
Would you like prepaid minutes?
It is on the...
6th floor
7th floor
8th floor
9th floor
10th floor
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor
5th floor
You can take the elevator
You can take the stairs
We can offer you ...
Guest question?
We can offer you...
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