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How To Read Literature Like A Professor Chapter 14 Outline

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Andrew Hellinger

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of How To Read Literature Like A Professor Chapter 14 Outline

Thank You!
Importance of the Old and New Testaments
You should at least know something about them.
Even if the author isn't religious or has religion in mind while writing, there still will be many influences.

Know basic, famous traits
Important for knowing when the author is using an allusion.
By knowing them, we will be able to reference these allusions without having to be experts in the Bible.
Crucified, wounds in hands, feet, side, and head
In agony
Good with children
Traits (continued)
Good with loaves, fishes, water, wine
Thirty-three years of age when last seen
Employed as a carpenter
Known to use humble modes of transportaion, feet or donkeys preferred
Traits (continued)
Believed to have walked on water
Often portrayed with arms outstretched
Known to have spent time alone in the wilderness
Believed to have had a confrontation with the devil; possibly tempted
Last seen in the presence of theives
What should we know?
Yes, She's a Christ Figure Too
How To Read Literature Like A Professor Chapter 14 Outline
Traits (continued)
Creator of many aphorisms and parables
Buried, but arose on the third day
Had disciples, twelve at first, although all not equally devoted
Very forgiving
Came to redeem an unworthy world
Doesn't have to be obvious
Can be ironic
Still Christ figures
Doesn't have to have all of the traits
Jane Eyre: St. John would be an example of a Christ figure.
No wounds
In agony (emotionally troubled)
Self sacrificing
May not be good with children (he has Jane run the school instead of him. However, even though he didn't teach them personally, maybe he still is good with them, since he has been looking out for them)
Mentions of him giving bread to Jane
Examples (continued)
Jane Eyre:
29 years old, near 30 when he leaves for India
Not a carpenter
Uses horses and foot to travel (not signifying much because that's all that they had)
Didn't walk on water or had arms outstretched
Spends a lot of time alone outside when he has to visit the residents of his town
Examples (continued)
Jane Eyre:
No temptation or thieves
No pattern of threes
He does have disciples, since he's the mayor of the town
He is not very forgiving at first, not letting it go about how Jane won't marry him. However, as time passes, he gets better.
He works hard to redeem the world; in his eyes, his mission is to convert as many people as he possibly can
Definitely a Christ figure, maybe a little too obvious since he's depicted as such a religious person
Examples (continued)
Batman (The most recent trilogy):
Self-sacrificing because he has devoted his life, money, and time to help the citizens of Gotham with as much effort as possible.
Wounded sometimes from saving others
In agony from the stressful life he has and the pains of the injuries he gains
Good with children; dedicated his manor to be a house for orphans
Examples (continued)
Not good with loaves or food
He is middle aged but no mention of being 33
Not a carpenter
He does not use humble modes of transportation (at all!)
He has flown over water, not walked. Some of his allies and friends have walked on ice due to Bane
He has spent time alone in the wilderness when Bane banished him to the prison that consisted of a hole in the ground
Confrontation with devil figures (Ra's Al Ghul, Bane, the Joker). Ra's Al Ghul tries to tempt him to join their evil cause
He was last seen in the company of villains, just before he flies away to his 'death'
He has not created aphorisms
He was 'buried' in the hole prison
He had some 'disciples' that were mainly cops
He's not particularly or particularly not forgiving
He came to redeem a Gothman that was corrupt
Examples (continued)
The Metamorphosis:
Gregor doesn't have crucified wounds
Self sacrificing because he wanted to die for his family
No signs that he's good or bad with children
Humble mode of transportation would have to be a train that he uses
His room is similar to a wilderness (after it evolves)
Confrontation with his father because he didn't love him too much anymore
No theives
Gregor is forgiving because even though his family treated him with neglect, he didn't have a lot of contempt for them
Didn't walk on water or have stretched arms
Is not 33
Not good with loaves, etc
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