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FRC Pit Build and Management Tips

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Elena Meyerson

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of FRC Pit Build and Management Tips

FRC Pit Build and Management Tips
Basic Pit Build/Design
Who's Who in the Pit Area
Everyone in your pit area should:
-be able to tell judges about your team's robot, outreach events, safety, etc.
-have a purpose!
What goes on in the Pit Area
Each team's pit is
10 ft. by 10ft. by 10ft.
-you must use your space efficiently
- a crowded pit area is an unsafe pit area
This pit was too crowded!
What tools/materials/etc should you keep in your pit?
- raw materials
-sheet metal
-whatever you used to build your robot!
- nuts/bolts
- hand tools
-screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.
-enough of everything to share!
- pins/flyers/swag to hand out to other teams and visitors
-multiple battery chargers
- backpacks/jackets
- tools that create sparks
- large powertools (shop tools are available at competition)
Other tips for the building of your pit:
- make it easy to transport
- think: folding, easy to take apart, rolling, light-weight
- shelves, baskets/trays, labels!...for organization
- design should reflect your team (color, banner)
Some of these purposes/jobs are:
-Battery manager
-Drive team
-General "Pit Crew"
-Double as PR and build
*Most people in the pit have more than one job/responsibility
Gracious Professionalism!
- take comfort into account, you'll be standing in your pit for a lot of hours!
Talking up FIRST
Fixing Robots
-always wear safety glasses in the pits
-don't run or play like horses
-think before you act
-watch out for robots!
-to visitors and parents new to FIRST or FRC
-on safety, robot design, community outreach, etc.
-robot gets inspected before competition
-sharing with/ helping out other teams
-making new friends from other teams
-learning about other robots
-talking up your robot
-self explanatory...
How do you actually build a pit?
-built from wood, PVC, 30X30 (or 20X20), etc.
-usually has one large piece (shelf, cabinet, table, etc.)
-tools, materials, etc. can be stored in this
-use small, labeled boxes to organize tools and materials
-it's great to use items that you already have and put them together to create your pit
-crates are great for storing things and stack well under tables
-your pit doesn't have to be fancy, just functional!
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