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AGM & Annual Report 14-15

GalGael Trust

Gehan Macleod

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of AGM & Annual Report 14-15

Journey On
Consolidated product range
Standard & made to order products
New monitoring system
13 events in 2014-15, including Merchant City Festival, Islay Whiskey Fest, Royal Highland Show, Tarbert as well as our own Christmas Fayre, Spring Fayre
Completion of 2 -year refurbishment project
4 months of activity April - July
16 places over 3-day work trips involving about 6 individuals
Local Walks & Trips
Temporary closure due to funding issues.
Anchor & Sail
Practical work building purpose, identity & meaning;
92 new people - 17 completed (target 9);
83% of those completed over 3 weeks;
12 women were recruited and increase of 33% on last year;
making work & meaning
Mike McCarron
GalGael Chairperson
Penny Cousins
GalGael Treasurer
Accounts 14-15
Appointment of Auditor
Introduction to Board Members & election

4 makers
thank you ...
Treasurers Report
Clanship Commitment
opportunities offered on the cultural & heritage days
Report on the Year
Journey On
- learning journeys;
Anchor and Sail
– traditional boat building & maritime heritage;
- rural skills project & Voyaging;
Social Enterprise
- Products, Timber, Makers and Events;

Growing recognition for our work:
advisory panel for asset-based approaches to health at
Glasgow Centre for Population Health

reference group for
'Imagining the Future for Social Services in Scotland'
Future Plans
Journey On
'I've found my purpose in life!'
"No way, I just made that!
Well proud of myself!"
'I am nervous but happy to be leading sessions on a Thursday night… it's great passing on what I have learned, brilliant.'
Journey On
'Brian has got the allotment
in great shape. We are
looking forward to getting
stuck in and hope to do
him proud!'
'Everything you ask me… I'm up for! This is great for me, really enjoying the Social Action Group and the visit with folk from Keyna, UK and Iran was good.'
participants secured

participants became
Journey On

self selected onto the adult
literacy & numeracy
workshops delivered by the Worker's Education Association
culture & heritage
Journey On
wider work
"Love getting out of
Glasgow, thanks."
literacy & numeracy
“I thought GalGael was just another programme to keep the DWP off my back while I got on with the business of drinking myself to death, no big deal.
But I was wrong.
I was shut down, enclosed, bitter, angry and resentful of everything and everybody; then there was GalGael. I’m a changed man, a better man, a man able to properly express his gratitude and appreciation for just about the first time ever, to open up and allow the world to see who I really am.”
Start of a 3-year boatbuilding project in partnership with the Clyde Maritime Trust.

4 apprentices
, 2 at GalGael & 2 at the Tall Ship.

New volunteering programme -
34 participants
took park over 9 months.

annual general meeting
Journey On
Anchor & Sail
3 maritime
heritage trips
- the Scottish Maritime Museum
- Fisheries Museum
- & RRS Discovery in Dundee

2 public events - one in GalGael to bless the keel of the new boat
Commonwealth Games
Other work included the West Coast Skiff, the Catspaw and the Pram dinghy.
We ran 3 sessions on the water offering 18 places in the skiff and 11 in the Drascombe

Went to Cumbrae to welcome the Queen's Baton to the Island with six other skiffs.
Took part in Sound to Sea extravaganza!
Management Overview
the big Countdown
Social Enterprise
Wide range of work
Improved working systems
Full order book and good profitability
Airc Cafe & exhibition space
Merchant City
Clearly defined team
New equipment - splitter & storage cages
Better monitoring
Wholesale and retail sales
Big improvements:
Yard organisation
Timber stock room
Timber acquisitions
Timber sales
Repair and maintenance work
Glasgow Housing Association
£20,000 worth of work in 14-15
£67,000 worth in 15-16)
Expect similar volume of work next year 16-17
"A fantastic course. I am definitely coming back for more! Apart from practical skills it offers a fantastic and friendly atmosphere, which only helps the learning experience. Awesome!"
Earned income for 14-15 = £178,004 (18% over target) with significant investment over 2 years from Resilient Scotland
Social Enterprise
GalGael Enterprises
- wholly owned subsidiary
Continued improvements to
Journey On
including use of Barmaddy for personal development
Development of
use in Argyll & Bute
Year 2 of
Anchor & Sail
Organisational development - using S
& Lean management
More partnership working including Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Oxfam Scotland, Plantation Productions
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