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Philosophy Statement by Tamara Tamez

No description

Tamara Tamez

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Philosophy Statement by Tamara Tamez

Philosophy Statement by Tamara Tamez

It is with great eagerness that I am given the opportunity to serve as your Principal in the Irving ISD.
With 15 years of Private Sector Administrative experience
and 7 years of hands-on teaching experience, I am confident that I possess the qualifications our school needs to promote its philosophies and goals. I previously served as an Assistant Principal of Bowie M.S. in IISD, where I supervised and evaluated a diverse group of staff and approximately 340 students.
Intro - Cont
In addition to my role as assistant principal, I have worked in Irving ISD as a
Department Chair for Foreign Languages.
It was there in which I implemented and ran various staff developments that focused on the development of student success for that department. In addition to being a Department Chair at Nimitz High School, I helped coordinated dropout prevention workshops (Operation Graduation) with students, parents, district and school personnel, and community leaders that helped previously dropout students to become graduates.
My greatest strengths include but are not limited to, curriculum design and improvement, school safety, program management and coordination, and performance standards development. I am adept at fostering strong working relationships with all members of the local and school communities.
As principal, I aspire to work in accordance with the school district to establish a positive school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and socialization. I seek to promote staff development and professional growth, as well as teamwork and cooperation. I coordinate my efforts with those of district/school staff, parents and community members to ensure students remain disciplined and focused, and receive appropriate attention to meet their needs.
I welcome and embrace the opportunity to help meet both the immediate and long-term goals of the campus.

My Belief regarding
Professional Learning
Environment - Overall
Philosophy that guides my
Intro - Continuation
There at Bowie, I had the opportunity to successfully reorganize the campus
Parent Involvement and Mentorship program
. The students thrived from the support of their parents and community members through the high quality structure of the program.
One of the campuses’ goal was to decrease the number of students from entering an A.E.P. To achieve this goal, I played an instrumental role in decreasing these numbers by implementing alternative consequences/methods, counseling support, behavioral interventions (RTI), and parental support.
First and foremost, it is my belief that all students can and should be given the opportunity to become life-long learners by receiving a strong educational foundation from their elementary and secondary experiences. There are several ways in ensuring that this belief happens. I have listed three key areas.

First, the campus culture and climate must be conducive to the students’ educational successes. Proper planning and goal setting are key elements. The campus improvement plan should be the overall focal point in leading the direction of the campus. The campus staff must play an important role in developing this plan.

Secondly, the administration has to be accountable for
being the instructional leaders of the educational

It is imperative for schools to first follow
district/state curriculum guidelines and procedures.
From there, each school must provide an adequate
level of rigor across the board.

The Professional Development Appraisal System will then allow the administrator to monitor progress and/or areas of concern.

Students must be challenged and provided an opportunity to master objectives. Collaboration among campus teachers in the setting of a professional learning community has to be instituted for implementation of best practices. Assessments at all levels must be monitored and students who are not achieving must be identified on the universal screener using the Response to Intervention Process.

At the same time, students who are excelling must continue to be provided a high level of instruction to avoid becoming left behind. This must also be closely monitored by analyzing data from AP test results, classroom academic progress, and state assessments. The ultimate goal in the elementary and secondary arena is continued student achievement that contributes to students’ educational and career successes.
Thirdly, the educational system has to play a pivotal role in welcoming all that enters its doors. This includes students, parents, faculty, and the community as all play a role as major stakeholders. These stakeholders must be involved in the decision making process and policies at some level. The school must have a strong and participative group of individuals that serves on the site-based decision making committee.
The Role of a Teacher in the Learning Environment
The role of the teacher will be to continue to provide quality instruction in the classroom.

Maintains complete and accurate records of each student’s academic, social, and emotional growth using both school wide and classroom based formative and summative assessments

Plans, documents, and carries out daily lessons that align to School’s curriculum and academic standards (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and electives).

Recognizes the needs of individual students and group at large

Establishes consistent and logical limits, expectations, and classroom routines for students to allow for maximization of learning.

Maintains an organized and inviting physical environment.

Handles stressful situations with grace, patience, understanding, and flexibility.

The role of students in the learning environment

Active participants in class
Engaged in academic conversations about the lesson with peers
Peers support groups
Group learners

•The role of parents in the learning environment
To parents I would encourage at home and at school to keep your child is involved in learning-activities to develop good character and empower and that they may learn to make good choices for themselves.

He or she may be asked to complete tasks at home to reinforce the skills they are learning in schools. Your cooperation with these activities will support our Positive Behavior System at our school.

Students will receive lessons about practicing responsibility from their teachers in addition to recognition from staff members if they were “caught” being responsible. Please ask your child to tell you about what they are learning this week and how they plan to practice what they have learned.

Please also parents, help us the teachers at all times by monitoring
correspondence that we send home as well as daily homework and
projects that must be completed.

Only though your help and guidance can we as a community turn out citizens
that will make an impact to future generations.

Expectations for members of the learning community
•How I envision success at this school!
Positive and Supportive Relationships!!!

Teacher to Teacher – Respect and Trust

Teacher to Student – Students act as who they think they are!!!

Teacher to Parent – Respect, Encourage and Support

In essence, I believe that the school administrator possesses effective qualities in implementing, developing, and sustaining the vision of success. This lays the foundation of where the school will be not where the school should be.

An administrator I must demand success!

Consequently, we must be willing to expend intense effort over long timespans in the pursuit of goals.

Practically speaking, effective administrators are inclined to believe that continued effort will overcome initial obstacles and failures.

I believe that with your help we can overcome any obstacle and failures and make this a great place to learn grow and produce the
next generation of leaders.
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