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rules for our dystopia

No description

kaylee hinson

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of rules for our dystopia

The Presario Society
only 2 children per family
1 boy 1 girl
have to have same color eyes
can't celebrate birthdays
can't have mirrors
If the rules aren't maintained then everybody would be treated different instead of everyone being treated the same. This is important so no one will ever be labeled or judged. Also by having one kid of each gender, the society never becomes over populated.
General Presario is in control of our society. He finalizes all rules and has the final say on everything. All citizens have a chip inserted into the back of their arms. This chip shocks you when you break a law. It also changes little pieces of your appearance every time you get shocked. Something our citizens fear is change. This is why they don't break the rules. They are afraid of standing out.
Rules for our Dystopia
A huge war happened, then walls went up and everything got strict. They wanted to try to keep the fighting away, so the world would not end the way it did before. Beyond the walls is the world that never recovered. The view over the wall is utter devastation.
Our society is completely seperated from the rest of the world. General Presario keeps the outside world secret.

Our characters know about the war but they know nothing about any other society or the outside world. Their dystopian society is the only society they know.
As the citizens break laws and begin to change, they realize that change is necessary. This drives them to want to break the laws so no one looks the same. The society is not destroyed, everyone just finally starts breaking free from their old society.
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