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It's Not All Blarney

Intergenerational Transmission of Communication Patterns in Irish-American Families through MUSIC

Lynne Browne

on 30 October 2009

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Transcript of It's Not All Blarney

It's Not ALL Blarney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOOxX1I2II Irish-American communication through music HUMOR

Humor serves as a great
defense against life's
problems. "Packy Go Home" a funny song
about a boy who goes fishing. COMMUNICATION OF FEELINGS

A wife asked her husband,
"Colin, do you love me? You haven't
said you love me in the 40 years
since our wedding.”

Colin replied, "Peggy, I told you I
loved you when I married you. If I
change my mind I'll let you know." The Irish have a marvelous ability to
tell stories, when it comes to emotions they have no words. Listen to The Elders sing
"Love of the Century" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig8oDUZNGvQ Listen to
"Packy Go Home"
by the Elders Certain ethnic values are retained throughout multiple generations
and affect aspects of family life including communication patterns. If the first generation lives within an ethnic context
and the second generation is likely to reject some of the
parental attitudes, behaviors, and strive to appear "American,"
while the third and fourth generations are more likely to reclaim
aspects of their identity. "between 1845 and 1860 nearly two million Irish immigrants -
a quarter of the Irish nation - were flung onto the shores of America." TOUGH TOPICS: SEX AND DEATH

The Irish viewed marriage as "permission to sin"
and discussion about sexuality was almost non-existent. (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007, p. 187) Listen to the "bawdy" song
sung by Cathie Ryan called:
"You and I in the One Bed Lie"
instead of talking about sex,
they sing about it instead. EXCEPT... in song (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007 [Golway, 1997, p. 4] p. 187) (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007 [Sluzki, 1979] p. 181) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik62oLpqE7k Cathie Ryan sings
"I'm Going Back" (To Ireland) Click to Listen RESPECTABILITY

Respectability is achieved by following the straight
and narrow path. ... Family life reflected the norms
of politeness, obedience, and discipline. Cathie Ryan sings
"Mother, Will You Let Me Go to the Fair?" Click to Listen (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007, p. 183) Cathie Ryan sings
"Carrik-a Rede" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N70lL35Ewsw Singer Cathie Ryan, born in Detroit Michigan, is the daughter of Irish immigrants. Picking up her love of music from her family (her father is a tenor vocalist, while her grandmother was a fiddler and singer),
Ryan would often visit relatives in Ireland, and attended Gaelic league sessions.

Learn more about Cathie Ryan at:
http://www.smgartists.com/ryan-bio.html Greg Prato, All Music Guide
http://new.music.yahoo.com/cathie-ryan/ Cathie Ryan (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007 [Donohue, 2000; McGoldrick, Giordano & Pearce, 1996] p. 181) (Cooper, Thomas, Simonds, 2007, p. 183) The Elders Arse Kickin’ Music from the Heartland

Take a group of Kansas City musicians with a passion for Celtic music, an Irishman with a love of all things American, and you get a cross-pollination of elements that is high octane and progressive, yet rooted in tradition. Since forming in 1998, The Elders have brought their musical mix of amped-up roots rock, powerful vocals, blazing instrumentals and top-notch songwriting to festivals, pubs and theaters across the United States and Ireland.

Music - YouTube

Browne’s Irish Street Fair 2008 – The Elders #6
Love of the Century
Posted by: greenstreetbl/KCIrishMusic.com

Browne’s Irish Street Fair 2008 #10
Packy Go Home
Posted by: greenstreetbl/KCIrishMusic.com

I’m Going Back (to Ireland)
Posted by: gcbfolk

Posted by: gcbfolk


Ellis Island:

Cathie Ryan:

Woman in dress:

Referemces by Lynne Browne
Team Periwinkle Discussion: Share YOUR favorite
Irish-American singer(s) and/or song(s)
and tell us why they are your favorite.
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