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WWII Propaganda

Intro to Propaganda

Matthew Lummel

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of WWII Propaganda

Appeals to Fear PROPAGANDA Bandwagon Flag-Waving (Nationalism) Stereotyping Works to convince people to "Join the Crowd".
Uses peer pressure to gain support. Tries to create anxiety and panic in the population Appeals to the prejudices of the viewer by labeling the subject as something bad. Appeals to a sense of nationalism (Pride in one's country) by trying to inspire A form of communication that is aimed at influencing people's attitudes and opinions.
The goal of propaganda is to change how the viewer feels about a subject. He's Red, white, and blue for a reason... So, when you think "Obama" you'll think "American" WARM UP What is the purpose of advertisement?
How do Companies try to influence how you feel about their products? Captain America is a perfect example of American Propaganda during World War II He's created in 1941, just as the U.S. is gearing up to enter World War II... Who would you rather follow into battle... He's just a regular guy...
He WANTS to fight, but he's too weak... The U.S. gov't makes him into something more... something "SUPER" He's created to protect "America" and give us strength... just like his gov't gave HIM strength. He is meant to symbolize American military power, intelligence, and superiority.
He's not just a hero...

he's OUR HERO. He even fights HITLER in his very first comic book! His fight is meant to inspire Americans in the war. It's also meant to teach children to be patriotic and fearless against America's enemies. All of the ladies love a soldier... right?
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