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Future Entertainment Tech


David Buckley

on 13 November 2009

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Transcript of Future Entertainment Tech

ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE! Let me take you through some of it. Project Natal. project natal is the next innovation in videogaming
Its a machine which watches your body and changes the game
correctly. You can scroll through menus with hand gestures, and you can
scan in patterns into the game, for example, you can scan in the pattern on your
scateboard, and then that's on the skateboard in the game. This controller free gaming will
open up a whle new era of entertainment. Roll up Tv This tv has oled's witch are small and flexibel, allowing a tv to be rolled up. This is anmazing and will mean new ways of space saving. Contact Lens TV With nano tech just round the corner, in 20 years we could be watching tv in contactlenses when it's being beamed to us in our eyes. COMPUTER CLOTHES We may be weraing computers in the future, as computers become small enough to fit in DVD cases. You could watch videos on your way to work on your sleeve, and wireless headphones in your hat. So now youve seen some of the future tech, are you exited, i am!
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