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Domestication of Plants and Animals

No description

A. Mathura

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Domestication of Plants and Animals

Domestication of Plants and Animals
II. Specialization of Jobs
III. How does this help civilization
Do Now Video
How does this help a civilization?
I. What does this mean?
A. Domestication: Making something grow or survive in a civilization and not needing to chase food.
1. A Blacksmith
Works with metal to create things such as swords or pots/pans.
2. A farmer
Raises plants or animals for the community.
1. Plants: Agriculture/Farming began

2. Animals: Individuals are raising their own livestock. No longer do people have to chase their food.
B. Plants and Animals
A. People begin to become experts in one type of job.
A. with the specialization or jobs and the domestication of plants and animals, people come together into communities.
Classwork: When I Grow Up Worksheet.

Homework: Complete "When I Grow Up" Worksheet
***Read Ch2 Sect 1 for Quiz next class***
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