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The summary of the short story Raymond's Run is about a girl

No description

Isaiah Kennedy

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The summary of the short story Raymond's Run is about a girl

Raymond's Run By Toni Cade Bambera
Frame 1
The summary of the short story Raymond's Run is about a girl who is determined, but she has a brother named Raymond who has a disorder.
Frame 3
The Major Conflict of the story is when Squeaky runs into Gretchen and Gets into an argument but its not really a argument it's more about the May Day race.
Frame 4
My first Characterization about Squeaky is that she is quick and fast.

''The kids call me Mercury cause I'm the swiftest thing in the neighboorhood''.
Frame 5
My second Characterization about Squeaky is that she is Serious.

Frame 6
My third characterization is that she is brave my evidence is ''I don't play the dozens or believe in standing around in somebody in my face doing alot of talking.
Frame 2
The setting is in Harlem New York
Frame 7
My fourth characterization is wise my evidence is ''I'm ready to fight cause like i said i don't feature a hole lot of chit-chat , i must prefer to just knock you down''.
Frame 9
The theme of the story is about a girl who is named squeaky but her real name is Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker who is a caring and a serious runner who can win any race she participates in.
Frame 10
My personal reflections of the story is i think it was interesting and enjoying.
My fifth characterization is positive my evidence ''I have won again and everybody on 151st street can walk tall for another year. And anything else that's got to get done my father does.
Frame 8
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