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Gender Roles in Saudi Arabia

No description

Kestra James

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Gender Roles in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Gender Culture By Kestra James & Taela Butler Legal Rights Female Male Crimes Legal Rights Childhood/Family Life Crimes Men are protected by the law. They are superior in relationships and can get away with many more things than a woman can. Their safety is protected unlike a woman's......
Mens Dress Code: Conservative dress outside the home Childhood/Family Life The Ministry of Education provides private education to men and women separately. Men are the main gender to go to college and graduate so that they can get a job to support their families. 89% of the men there are literate. A mans main job is to be the bread winner of the family. The most common crime committed by men is theft. Some other crimes that have been commonly committed since 1988 are purchase, sale, and consumption of alcohol, altercations, moral offense, and few cases of murder. Crimes are punishable by body parts being cut off to death sentences. ...Womens rights are defined by Islam and tribal
customs. Women don't have the right to vote or
to be elected to high political positions. They're
the only country in the world where women
can't drive. Women have to have a male
Dress code: Hijab, Abaya, and a face covered
veil called niqab A females education focuses more on the skills of housewives and mothers while men focus on physical education and technical skills. Women have a chance to go to college but there is a 50% dropout rate. Their excluded from studying engineering, pharmacy, architecture, and law. 79% of women here are literate.

Women are taught that their primary role is to raise children and take care of the household which is what they mainly do on a daily basis. Theft is the main crime committed by
females. Role in House Women take care of the house and children. Current Event This article talks about separating male and female co workers by a wall to ensure they are separated while they work. This is obviously different from our culture, women and men are able to work together without separation. http://rt.com/news/saudi-women-walls-sexes-968/ Thesis The treatment of women in Saudi Arabia is unfair because their treated as children, have no freedom, and are separated from men. Current Event http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/13/world/meast/olympics-saudia-arabia-women/index.html The treatment of men in Saudi Arabia is fair because men are allowed to have an education and job, can dress freely, and have the ability to drive themselves anywhere. This article is about a girl who attended the London Olympics. When she returned home, there were posts on her Twitter account say that she was a "prostitute" for exposing herself. Any woman accused of "prostitution" has to prove their innocence. She made sure that she wore the correct head coverings during the games. The girls father made sure she did just that so she wouldn't be in trouble. Role in the Home A mans role in the home is to be the main breadwinner and support the family with the money he brings in.
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