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the population police - sweden

No description

tamar aviv

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of the population police - sweden

The current population: 9.8 million.
Project population 2025: 12.4 million.
Sweden's population pyramind 2014
Death rate & Life Expectancy rate
Current Birth Rate: 11.99

Current Fertility Rate: 1.9
Sweden for Pro-Natalist policies
Sweden's Pop. 9.8 mil. <China's 1.4 Bil.
Sweden's Fertility 1.9% > China's Fertility 1.6%
The Population Police - Sweden
Tamar Aviv, Leonides Garcia, Lexi German and Nicole Cedillo-Avila.
Sweden's Birth and Fertility Rate
Reasons we are pro-natalist
Suicide rates are second highest in Europe
Stage 3 of Demographic Transition
No international disputes
Economic stability to support population
Declining growth rates, declining fertility and eventual population decline.
"Pro for more swedish fish"

Death rate: 9.4
Life expectancy: 82
We have chosen to suggest the pronatal policy to Sweden.
Country with Pronatal Policy

Outcome of policy:

Second highest fertility rate in Europe.
Expensive for the government to keep policy.
Population is the most its been since the 1960s.
Country with Antinatal Policy

Outcome of policy:

established in 1988, not successful.
People in the countryside, most of population, prefer to have a larger family.
Policy violates religious beliefs of Nigerians
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