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2.04 What is Stock, Anyway?

No description

Muhammad Kamara

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of 2.04 What is Stock, Anyway?

2.04 What is Stock, Anyway?
Career and Income
After completing the spinner activity on the activity tab, the three investment options I would use for my money would be: MMA, Traditional Bank Account, and Mutual Funds. I obtained the money for the investment from my cousins who loved my advice about investing and rewarded me with $80,000. I chose these three options because they’re pretty good when dealing with large amounts of money, as well as, a decently low risk factor. My choices reflect my tolerance for risk because the three I chose are decent with their risk factor, not too bad. I plan to divide my money between the three investment options I chose by dividing it equally by three and each amount goes into the different investments. Doing that, shows diversification and risk, I may be risking losing some money but that all depends on the rate of interest and the interest rate too.
By Muhammad Kamara
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