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E-Logic (Imagine-Cup)

No description

udeshi premasundera

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of E-Logic (Imagine-Cup)

E-care (An electronic healthcare application.)
Do you know?
Doctors' App...
Technologies used..
Patient's App...
About us...
Team Name: E-Logic(Informatics
Institute of Sri Lanka)

What is our solution!!!
Technologies used for the software
*C# 4.5 WPF Desktop application developed using VS 2013

* Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch

* Windows Azure: Microsoft's Cloud Platform along with MySQL
What is this all about?
Ratio of upper limb to lower limb amputation is 1:4 (4)
Wrist and hand amputations are estimated to make up 10% of upper limb population
Presenting with a solution to overcome nerve problems and muscle or joint stiffness caused by upper limb paralysis(paresis)
The annual stroke incidence is approximately 180 patients per 100,000 inhabitants out of which about 30% suffer from a severe upper limb paresis,with a nonfunctional hand.
Statistics of paralyzed patients
An automated robot hand enabling the patient to wear it (as a glove) and help them to move their arms with the support given by robot hand.
An application for the doctor to obtain information regarding the improvement of a particular joint
Basic functionality of the solution
* Gives exercise for the fingers, wrist and elbows by the automated robot hand.

* Detect and record the hand movement (the angles each joint moves) to a database in a remote server.

* Analyze daily records and sent to doctor in an encrypted manner in daily basis.

* Provide the opportunity for the doctor to make changes to the system.
Basic non Functional requirements of the solution

* Backup facility to have all the database records.

* Electricity for robot to perform

* Usability

* Serviceability (also known as supportability)

* Accuracy(speed)

* Efficiency in data transactions.
Technologies used in the Robot hand
* Arduino

* Processing 2.1
Languages :
* Programming Language for Arduino
* Programming Language for Processing 2.1
Languages :
*C# 4.5 WPF Desktop application developed using VS 2013

* Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch

* Windows Azure: Microsoft's Cloud Platform along with MySQL
* Servo motors
* Arduino
* Cables and belts
* Window 8 Desktop
* Window 8 Desktop or Tab
Platform :
 Promote through neurologists and physiotherapists
 Educating the users and their guardians

Marginal or Cost plus basis(premium)
How our solution differ from others....
Doctors get the daily records of each patient and can adjust the number of rotations and speed needed for a particular joint by using the analysis of the database.
The device affords substantial flexibility
Improve confidence of the patient through graphical movements of he hand.
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