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2012 Com. 110 Group Prezi!!!

No description

Steven Rice

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Com. 110 Group Prezi!!!

Com. 110 Group Project Steven, Taylor, Jesse, Ken, Meredith, & Shelby Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort. Added Attractions & "In Case of Emergency" Transportation Airport
Plane Ride
Resort Transportation
Return Trip Airport Car Ride Depart for Bloomington airport
Car ride approximately one hour
Gas will be about $20 there and back at current gas prices Airport Terminal $40 Parking
Free WiFi in the terminal
Smaller in size so easier to get through Plane Ride 4 to 4 1/2 hour plane ride one way, no stops, with a tailwind.
Bring something to do
Relax and enjoy the flight Resort Transportation Upon arrival, bus shuttle to the resort is $50.

Ways to get around at the resort:
Horseback riding
Water-craft Where you can get your grub! Variety:
-6 Restaurants
-2 Beach grills Original/Tons of Choices:
-Caribbean/New Caribbean
-Jamaican Price: FREE!!! Smell: "Make your belly growl fantastic" Quantity:
-8 bars
-1 "swim up bar" Price: FREE!!! Refreshing:
-cocktails/moctails 5 O'clock somewhere Toscanin Restaurant #1 Just food steps away.. Price Range: $0-$38 Cuisines: Italian Good For:
-Special occasions
-Business Dining Options:
-Late Night
-Reservations/Delivery On the Resort:
5 Swimming pools
1300 ft private beach
Paddle boats
Water trampolines!
Dunnes River Falls
Mystic Mountain
Dolphin Cove
White River Tubing
Blue Mountain
Island Villiage
Fern Gully (No extra cost!) Just off the Resort! What More Could There Be? In the Neighborhood Food, Food, & More Food Numerous Churches Dozens of Shops and Plazas Tourist Info Areas Transportation Hubs Museums, Monuments, & Landmarks SO MUCH MORE! Hope for the Best,
Prepare for the Worst Hospital Care The Nearest Hospitals: St. Ann's Bay Hospital 17 mins. away and a straight shot Seville Road, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica---876-972-2272 Port Maria Hospital 33 mins. away and a more winding route Trinity, Port Maria, West Indies, Jamaica ---994-2228 General Jamaican Healthcare 9 Major Hospitals in Total Care will always be nearby Costs are Quite Affordable $70 Benchmark Breaking The Bank?! Included in the price of resort! Extras/miscellaneous/ emergencies $200 Lets calculate! $130 Per-night!? *both people included in all of these prices. $100 bus ride air port to the resort (round trip) $0 - $40 per meal(depending on which restaurant you choose.) $120 at disposal TOTAL $1,000 $20 in gas to airport and back home $40 parking at Bloomington Airport
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Trapp, Fe. Personal interview. 1 Dec. 2012. Jamaican Food Environment All you can eat all-day buffet
2 hot rub areas
8 bars
Casino games
Water park Resort King size bed
Modern bathroom
Satellite TV
Individual Air Conditioning
Private Balconies
Wi-Fi Beautiful Beach
Several pools
Miniature Golf
Beach Volleyball courts Sunset Jamaica Grande Where you lay your head Room Bibliography Return Trip Back to airport-$50

Plane ride back

Drive back home
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