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The Lolita Effect

The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and Five Keys to Fixing It

Bridget Freeman

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Lolita Effect

The Lolita Effect
Violence is Sexy
Where do we see this in Media?
Attractive or Promiscuous Girls killed first in horror movies
Sex scenes in horror movies are almost always followed by violence
Video games, like Grand Theft Auto allow the player to commit violent acts against prostitutes.

If You Got It Flaunt It
"Better to be effortlessly hot than smart"
First period
Consequences and Risks of sex
Sex has inspired all forms of media
What is this book about?
Myth 1-If You've Got It Flaunt It
Myth 2-Anatomy of the Sex Goddess
Myth 3-Pretty Babies
Myth 4-Violence is Sexy
Myth 5-What Boys Like
Sex has inspired all forms of media
Words in media can interpret images in a certain way.
Music videos
Disney movies
What Can You Do
Media Literacy Education
Consumer Advocacy and Action
Social Engagement and Activism
Images that Media Pushes on Everyone Everyday
Anatomy of the Sex Goddess
_ The "perfect girl"
_ The irony portrayed in
_un-atainable bodies
_ Never ending cycle
- "You can't be sexy if your body is differently abled."

What Can we Do?
-Show how airbrushing lies
- Call Barbie out
-Dissect the Business side of things
-Talk about why we want to be Barbie
-Define "sexy"

What we can do:
Encourage Group Discussion
Seek out an expert
Use visual and internet tools
Reach out to boys as activists
Interestingly, these films are rated R, but if you were to show consensual nonviolent sex it is rated NC17
The realities of Violence against Women
Half of rapes for women occur from intimate partners
1 in 3 Women have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner
42.2% of rape victims experienced their first rape before 18
Nearly half of women have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner
What does this translate to?
"If she does something to provoke you, the you have to put her in her place."
Girls think violence is normal in context of dating relationships
Through History
John Berger
Eugene Delacriox's "The Death of Sardanapalus"
Saartje Baartman
Beautiful Bodies
"All bodies are beautiful"
Talk about clothes
Anticipate complex reactions
Rein in your opinions until she introduces them herself
Have examples ready
Talk about "hotness"
Talk about what's unfair
Set up peer discussion
Talk about boys
Hear Boys' side of things
Talk with younger children
Reinforce Non-appearance compliments
Draw the line on what's okay
Respond constructively and creatively
By, Bridget Freeman, Riley Fields, Ashlyn Vidal, Jacqeline Wilson, Nyawech Jock
What Boys Like
Traditional Heterosexuality
Fulfilling male fantasies
Boys as sexual aggressors
boys can be caring. respectful, and sensitive beings
alternative sexual orientations don't exist
What we can do
more information about sex
talk frankly about sex
talk about girl's identity in the media.
identify the male gaze
suggest other sources for more information
talk to younger girls about empowering themselves.
Source: CDC
Media makes violence against women seem normal
We find a paradox of pleasure in negative emotions
Boys know a lot about girls
Men as animlas and Women as animal trainers
Girl's sexual voice (emancipation)
Very young and provocative icons
These young models and performers have a tremendous appeal not only among audiences their own age, but also among adult men and very young girls.
Pretty Babies
Sexual expression is exposed to young girls and teens in everyday life
Has been going on for awhile (Shirley Temple; Brooke Shields)
Shirley Temple
The Real Problem
Children cannot and should not be seen as willing participants in sex work
These staged sexual images of children are implying that childishness is sexy implying that little girls especially are sexy, ultimately resulting in a very unhealthy understanding of sex which should be for adulthood
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