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Kiln Gods

Ceramic Art Lesson

Bethany Broer

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Kiln Gods

Kiln Gods
What is a Kiln God?
Serves as a charm or talisman, kiln gods are meant to guard against any kind of bad luck that may possible happen during the firing process.
Kiln gods are traditionally placed on the entrance to the kiln.
One of the main reasons American Ceramists make kiln gods is to relieve stress, pinching clay is very therapeutic.
Kiln God History
Historical communities with ceramics industries would worship and honor kiln gods as deities that would help to protect the welfare of the entire ceramic community.
Kiln gods can be found in the traditions of many ancient cultures including the:
Chinese (Tung- god of fire)
Egyptian (Khun- protector of all things made on the wheel)
Current Kiln God News
Every year there is a National Kiln God Show
The judges look for different and unique kiln gods, all of the entries are of superior workings and techniques.
The winning pieces are the ones that reflect the artistic and whimsical aspect of the kiln god.
Kiln God Requirements
Your Kiln God must be 3-D
Your Kiln God must be at least 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall
Your Kiln God must be a creature of some sort
Your Kiln god needs to stand without support

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