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Tyler Gomez

No description

Tia Liu

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Tyler Gomez

Tyler Gomez for President 2014
Tyler Gomez: Candidate Profile
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Political Leaning: Moderate Republican
Hometown: San Diego, California
Current City: Wilmington, North Carolina
The Embodiment of America

Sarah Ayyad, Riley Magidow, Tia Liu, Perris Navarro, Madison Weinstock
Parents imigrated from Mexico as adults; became US Citizens after obtaining work visas
Grew up living off of blue collar paychecks
Has a wife and two girls, Tracy (22) and Morgan (20)
Post high school
Attended USC as a first generation college student with a full ride, majoring in Economics
Also attended Yale Law for a law graduate degree
Worked as a district attorney
Worked in the House of Representatives as representative for the 7th Congressional district of North Carolina.
Ran for the governor of North Carolina for one term

Create government funded programs to educate and train the needy to assist them in getting jobs.
Prioritize legal immigrants by giving priority to the children and spouses of legal immigrants in the family.
Increase financial incentives to switch to alternative energy.
Period 6
Minnesota already derives 16% of it's electricity from wind and solar power and has no issue adjusting to the new renewable energy quotas. We can count on their support because the people there will benefit from the incentives Tyler Gomez promises.
Battle Ground States
Colorado (9) Florida (29)
Michigan (16) Minnesota (10)
North Carolina (15) Pennsylvania(20)
Ohio (18) Virginia (13)

Michigan just opened a Cross Winds Energy Park, aimed at using wind energy to provide energy to over 30,000 homes.

We expect support from Michigan because they have one of the highest jobless rates in the country. Tyler Gomez plans to open more parks like this and create more job opportunities.
Just under ten percent of Colorado's population consists of immigrants. Most of them are disappointed in the immigration changes that Obama is making. Many of them have family members who will not benefit from the amnesty.

Those immigrants will support our idea to prioritize those related to legal immigrants and to create more reliable pathways to citizenship.
States We Expect to Win
Utah Idaho Oklahoma Indiana Louisiana
Wyoming Alaska South Carolina Mississippi Kansas
Texas Georgia North Dakota Arizona Arkansas
Nebraska Missouri South Dakota West Virginia
New England Tennessee Alabama Montana

Decrease small business loans to allow small businesses to hire more people.
Stop the increase of the minimum wage to motivate people to try to get better jobs.
Tighten the borders by increasing the amount of Border Patrol.
Many politicians are pushing to start producing energy through hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would make "fracking" unnecessary in Pennsylvania. It would help maintain the environment in Pennsylvania around the Delaware River and prevent large companies from taking over land.
Increase the number of work visas distributed.
Good afternoon, my fellow Americans. My name is Tyler Gomez. As many of you know, I came from a family of immigrants who worked hard to obtain visas to become US Citizens, and as a result I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am today. I intend to use my spirit of hard work and dedication to improve America in my time in the White House.
Recent discrepancies between Congress and our current president have provided Americans with incomparable frustration: we have experienced a lack of productivity due to incessant conflict between branches. As a Republican, I am prepared to work with our Republican congress to ensure that we can work across the aisles.
With my potential seat in office, I will focus primarily on 3 integral issues: economy, immigration, and the environment.
In order to stimulate our economy, I plan to further develop government-run educational programs centered around occupational interests, ultimately encouraging the people to get out and work to advance our economic status. In addition, I will decrease interest on small business loans; causing them to hire more workers and thus creating more jobs.
I also intend to focus my time on the prevalent issue of immigration. I intend to tighten borders, as they are a definite source of danger. I also plan to provide a plausible path to citizenship for immigrants by requiring them to pay taxes and live in America for a number of years prior to applying for citizenship.
In office, I also hope to improve the environment. I want to offer greater tax incentives on sources of renewable energy for our citizens. I also aim to advance the construction of the Keystone Pipeline in an environmentally cautious fashion to create jobs and decrease foreign oil dependency.
Thank you for your time, fellow Americans. And remember: A vote for Gomez is a vote for America’s future.

Increase support of the Keystone XL pipeline project to increase independence.
Increase funding for the development and research of renewable energy in America.
North Carolina
Ohio is currently facing a freeze with renewable resources and energy efficiency. Reversing the freeze would ultimately focus economic development on a clean and renewable energy industry. With the setbacks put on wind turbine locations Ohio would now be behind in the race for most efficient.

To put them back in the race Tyler Gomez plans to review the bill put into place by the Ohio senate to make sure the best would be done for this state.
Florida is considered the most critical swing or battleground state. It is also one of the most influential states with the immigration issue. By creating a tighter border and providing work for those who came here we are creating a vast outspread of new ideas and innovations.

The Immigration Reform Bill the senate passed in June 2013 roughly doubled the amount of new foreign workers. According to some anti-immigrant groups such legislation would steal away jobs from the native born Americans. However Tyler Gomez believes we can create new and useful jobs that would benefit the state and the country together in unison.
The North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) voted unanimously to approve the rule set on regulating their process of fracking, unfortunately more than 2,000 North Carolinians attended the hearing and almost 90% disagreed with what they had to say. The MEC’s response, written in a hearing officer’s report showed a considerable lack of consideration for public comments, a fact that disappointed concerned citizens and advocates across the state.

Tyler Gomez wants to adequately protect North Carolina’s water, air and public health from the documented risks associated with fracking and even find new and cleaner resources in the process.
Virginia has one of the most diversified economies, and with that coal is Virginia's chief mineral. Agriculture now follows other sectors in employment and income generation for many of its residents. Virginia is very dependent on the natural resources they have.

Tyler Gomez plans to make use of ALL of Virginia's natural resources and even introduce new new natural methods. Drilling for oil and mining for coal would now be put away out of harms reach for the residents in Virginia

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