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Buddhism and Hinduism

A brief introduction

Gabrielle Weber

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Buddhism and Hinduism

Hinduism and Buddhism
Originated in India
Goal is to stop reincarnation
Prince Siddhartha Gautama Buddha
King or Holy man
Originated in India
Thought to be one the oldest religions in the world and dates back to 1500 BCE
Book: Vedas
Endless cycle of Reincarnation
Ultimate state of peace
The God Trilogy
The creator
Born in a lotus flower in Vishnu's navel.
Brings the day and night
Preserver and protector, mercy and goodness
He gives dharma
Dharma: Order in the universe between goodness and badness
Self control
Responsible for positive death and destruction
Destroyer of bad self-esteem and pride
Belief that one has many lives, born again as something else depending on your Karma.
If you have been bad in one life, you suffer in the next.
If one led a life that was good and pure, you could end your reincarnation.
Many thought it was easier to remain pure if they were separate from the world.
Knowledge of this and ultimate purity is enlightenment
When one is enlightened, one knows the truth of life
Recognizes but does not celebrate the Hindu gods and goddesses like Hinduism
Buddhists do not recognize a god in their religion, but do celebrate Buddhist saints, such as the Buddha
Recap Question

What is the main Hindu goal?
The Vedas
Worships MANY gods.
Hinduism: a major religious and culturall tradition off South Asia that is poly theistic
Bellwork: Copy and correct in your ISN
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