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Little Boy Reaches Out to his Father

No description

H Kaplan

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Little Boy Reaches Out to his Father

Little Boy Reaches Out to his Father
A young boy runs up to his dad in a line of soldiers.
A boy, at the age of 5, runs up to his dad in a line of soldiers about to go to war in hopes that his dad will never leave him. The little boy was able to catch everyone's eye in the long line. He reaches out a hand to his dad, but unfortunately their was nothing he could do to keep his dad from leaving.
When the soldier and his wife first received the news that they had were going to have to send someone to fight in the war, they were devastated. They didn't know how they were going to tell their only son. They decided, after a few days, they should just come right out and say it. When their son heard the news, he burst into tears.
The boy didn't understand why his father had to be sent off to the war, but he wasn't going to give up without a fight.
He was hoping that his father would be with him forever, but instead all he can hope for is that his father won't die in the war. At least the soldier will go to war knowing that his family loves him.
The boy seems to be running from his mom after his dad in a line of soldiers that have probably been forced to go to war. The mom is reaching out her hand and looks like she is trying to stop him. The dad seems to be happy to see how much his son loves him and he and his son are holding out their hands reaching for each other.
From this photograph, you can tell that their lives probably really good because the closeness of their family. They probably really loved each other, otherwise, the little kid wouldn't be running after him. Afterwords, their lives would probably be harder because their family is separated. This photograph is considered to be good because it captures the heartfelt moment that this family is going through to not only be separated, but also the fact that they have go on with their lives knowing that there is a chance that they could never see him again. The message about life is that sometimes, in life, their are obstacles, but if you try hard, you can overcome them. Because of all the people trying to say their goodbyes, it is probably really noisy.
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