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the summaries of all the chapters of oliver twist 1-14

Olga Fernández

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of SUMMARiES of the CHAPTERS of OLiVER TWiST

CHAPTER 1: Oliver Twist, was an orphan boy. When he born, his mother died.
Oliver was sent to a "baby farm". When he was nine years old,
he was sent in a workhouse to work. CHAPTER 2: One day, a man called Mr.Sowerberry, arrived to the workhouse asking fot a boy who could help him in his undertaker shop. So, Mr Bumble told Oliver to go with him. When Oliver arrived to Mr. Sowerberry's house, he had a very cold welcome, and when he met Noah Claypole, an older voy who also worked in the undertaker shop, he also received violent manners. CHAPTER 3: Noah Claypole, was jealous because Oliver went out to burials while he was left back in the shop, so he tried to make Oliver cry. Oliver get andry and he hit Noah. Charlotte and Mrs. Sowerberry catch Oliver, ad they put him into a cellar and locked it. The next morning, he unlocked the shop door and left the house. He began to run. Then he saw a sign that told him, that it was just seventy miles from there to London. He walked twenty miles a day. He tried to beg fro money, when he saw a boy that urged him to satisfy his hunger. This boy told him a place to sleep in London. CHAPTER 4: Artful Dodger takes Oliver to Fagin's house. There he realise a lot of poor children, that life together and that Fagin is the only adult, who takes care of them. He seems to be very nice with them, but he forced them to steal people in the street. The chapter finishes when the police arrested Oliver because the realt thieves(Dodger and Charley) had run away. CHAPTER 5: The judge decided to free Oliver, because the owner of the bookshop confess that he had seen another person stealing Mr. Brownlow. Mr.Brownlow decided to take Oliver to his house, because he was very weak.
Fagin became angry because Oliver could explain the police everything about him and the young hieves. CHAPTER 6: Oliver recovers at Mr. Brownlow's house. One day when he was going to the library, to returned book, Nancy and Bill Sikes saw him, and forced him to return to Fagin's house. Fagin was a bit violent with the child, and Nancy tried to help him, because she felt a bit guilty. CHAPTER 7: Mr. Brownlow put a notice in the newspaper offering a reward for any information about Oliver, wh had dissapeard. Bill Sikes suggested Fagin that Oliver could help the band int he next robbery, but when they were arrived to the house, Oliver tried to warn the owner and in a confusion, Oliver was hurt. And Bill Sikes and the other boys runed away wothout Oliver. CHAPTER 8: When Oliver recovers conscience and knocked at the door of the house, they wanted to steal the owner of the house. So Mr.Maylies told her servants to take care of Oliver, who had been bad anger. CHAPTER 9: When summer arrives Mrs. Maylie and her family moved to the countryside, and when Rose became ill, Mrs Maylie sent Oliver to the town, to post some letters. In town Oliver bumpee into a tall man, who became sckoked when he saw Oliver. He entered a bar were was Mr.Bumble, and asked him information about Oliver. Mr Bumble told Monks to take with his wife who had a ring that belonged to Oliver's mother. CHAPTER 10: When the summer arrives Mrs. Maylie and her family moved to the countryside and when Rose became ill, Mrs.Maylie sent Oliver to the town, to post some letters. In town, Oliver bumpee into a tall man, who became shocked whem he saw Oliver. He entered a bar were was Mr.Bumble. MrBumble told Monks to take with his wife who had a ring that belonged to Oliver's mother. CHAPTER 11: Monks went to Fagin's house to talked about Oliver, and Nancy listened to all the conversation. Afterwards she went to Mrs. Maylie's to warned her, that Oliver was in danger.
Rose took Oliver to Mr.Brownlow's house, because the boy had seen him in town, and wanted to give him an explanation. Rose explained to Mr. Brownlow everything what Nancy had explained her before. CHAPTER 12: Noah Claypole and Charlotte, who worked for Mr. Sowerberry were accepted as a new members of the gang.
Fagin suspected of Nancy behaviour, and sent Noah watched her, and that how he discovered that Nancy had secret meeting with Mr. Brownlow and Rose. When Noah explained to Fagin and Bill Sikes. they saw Nancy as a traitor and Sikes feel obligished to kill Nnanncy. CHAPTER 13: Mr. Brownlow decided to talk to Monks as a result of Nancy's secret meeting and he offered him to confess the truth or he would be arrested. After killing Nancy, Sikes considered as the best option to leave the town, but when he arrived to the village, were the gang was hidden, all the villager wanted to capture him and as a result of the confusion he had an accident, and he died hung. CHAPTER 14: Mr. Brownlow wanted to discover all the truth about Oliver's family, so with Oliver, Maylie and Rose went to see Monks.
Monks confessed that he and Oliver were half-brothers, and that his mother had burnt the papers that demonstrated that Oliver would inherit money from his father. Monks also confessed that he had paid Fagin to make Oliver rob things. Some days later Mr.Brownlow and Oliver visited Fagin in prison, because he had the papers that would reveal Oliver's innocence. Fagin begged Oliver for help, but Mr.Brownlow said that it was to late for him.
The story finishes when Mr. Brownlow addopted Oliver, and they live happy for ever.
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