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The Foghorn

No description

Mistee Saylor

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Foghorn

The Foghorn Ray Bradbury Setting and Characters The main characters are McDunn and Johnny. Conflicts Climax and Resolution One conflict was the monster's loneliness. That was the whole reason that it swam to the lighthouse in the first place, because it made the same noise and the monster believed it could be a companion. The climax of the story is when McDunn switches the foghorn off, because it makes the monster freeze. Since it has stopped moving, you don't know how the monsters going to react. The setting is in a lighthouse away from the city and close to the ocean. Another conflict was the monster's anger. When it becomes angry at the lighthouse, it charges towards it and knocks it down. Johnny and McDunn had to escape so they wouldn't be crushed. The resolution is that after the monster destroys the lighthouse, it never returns. The rescuers come the following day, and Johnny and McDunn have to lie about what happened. Johnny finds a new job and McDunn continues to work at the lighthouse after it is rebuilt.
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