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All the Troubles of The World

No description

Kennedy Marschdorf

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of All the Troubles of The World

All the Trouble of the World Isaac Asimov Story Overview: - Washington, D.C.
- Future (written in 1958)
- Does not give a specific date Story Line Setting What 'Drives' the Story? Technology Religion Human Nature Multivac = God
characters have full faith in him
runs everything - human reliance on technology
- advancement of world - Seek perfection and justice
- Greed of Gulliman
- Selflessness of Ben
- Multivac learns deception One person or being cannot solve everyone (or the worlds) problems THEME "For fifty years and more we have been loading humanity's troubles on Multivac, on this living thing. We've asked it to care for us, all together and each individually. We've asked it to take all our secrets into itself; we've asked it to absorb our evil and guard us against it. Each of us brings his troubles to it, adding his bit to the burden." "Multivac bears all the troubles of the world on its back and it is tired" "As usual, it was a sheaf of papers some six inches thick. He knew by now, he was not expected to read it. (No human could.)" Characters Ben
- Dynamic
- Changes and grows wiser Gulliman
- Static
- Selfish Othman/Leemy
- Dynamic
- Figure out about Multivac's plan Flat Characters
- Manners family
- Quimbly Wants to free his father
- Follows instructions of Multivac Wants nothing bad to happen during his term as a chairman, but Multivac tries to commit suicide
- Denies it is happening Sees report on possible destruction of Multivac
- Figures out that it is the man's son
- Realizes that it is Multivac's doing Future world, mankind is controlled by a machine
Wishes to die
Forces arrest of a man, because it requires for the son to destroy him
- Introduction of Multivac and society
- "Coming of Age" of Ben's brother shows faith in God
- Othman/Leevy introduce a potential problem Rising Action:
- Joe Manners is arrested
- Ben Manners sets of in order to help his father Climax:
- Multivac: "I want to die" Conclusion:
- Othman and Leevy talking about destruction
- "It would just about be the end of the world, you know?" Story Arc/Plot: Ending Questions WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE IN GULLIMAN'S POSITION?


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