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Tiara Smalls

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Admissions

Intern, Traditional Undergratuate Admissions Office
T. Saray Smalls What is Queens trying to do in the
Admissions Office? The Goal of Admissions??
Have a
mentality Q. = Quality
-high grade; superiority; excellence U. = Unity
-the state of being one E. = Efficiency
- the degree to which quality is excerised E. = Expectation
-anticipating with confidence of fulfillment N. Noble
-very impressive or imposing in appearance S. Success
-The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted
expresses excellence in everything
lets students know they care (unity)
team mentality
work together to accomplish a goal (efficiency)
"well oiled machine"
able to meet the needs of prospective students and families
nothing but the best
from the tour guide to the director (noble)
displays QU's calibur
notes, letters, events (success)
overall goal
make sure students feel QU While admissions wants
to increase numbers
and diversity... admissions is not only concerned
with "admitting" students... they want to build long-lasting relationships by... making sure prospective students and families feel like members of the
QU Community.
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