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No description

Ziad Alashkar

on 10 October 2013

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Company Structure
Head office in UAE
Showroom in Riyadh - KSA
Logistic Office in Bahrain
Business Owner(s) & Product/Services
Al Ashkar Trading company is establishing a profitable trading of protection building materials and provide it to the Gulf market as a solution provider of Green building materials, Vitra Fix Building Chemicals is our key tool in this concept since it is offering most of the required protection solutions from the foundation to the roof.
Target Market(s)
Territory: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen.
Way Of Business:
B2B (business to business),
B2D (business to distributor)
Our customers are:
Mega construction Projects.
Distributors or resellers.
Current Opportunity
Saudi Arabia continues to garner one of the largest market shares of the total GCC building construction market at 33%,
400 billion US$ to be spent by the Saudi Government on the infrastructure projects.
With over 1.25 million new homes to be built by 2014, Saudi Arabia is one of the leading contributors in the GCC residential market valued at US$13bn.
US$43.8 billion is the 2013 value of the Saudi Construction awards.
Increasing the needs for the green building materials in the region.
2013 - 2014
Industry, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The UAE’s thermal insulation market is growing at a rate of 20 per cent per year, thanks to the government’s mandatory building efficiency codes and new green testing and certification process.
Marketing Strategy
Special seminars for engineers in development and consultant companies.
Direct approach of the consultants and implementing engineers
Technical training for applicators.
Providing integrated solutions through our specialized showroom.
Participation in regional building materials exhibitions.
Internet marketing tools.
Vitra Fix should take the upper and the middle layers of the market triangle, This will allow us to sale high quality products to the mega\medium size projects (Villas and commercial building), Also it allows us to generate a resellers network of two layers, BIG and SMALL dealers.
The Gulf region is witnessing a big booming in constructions and real estate developments, and because this region has a very tough climate environment that combines between desert and high humidity at the same time, these required the building materials companies and manufactures to produce a high-quality and good performance materials which can bear the difficult weather in this area.
Saudi Arabia: 10% market share.
Bahrain: 20% market share.
Qatar: 20% market share.
SWOT Analysis
- High quality products
- Full protection materials range in the assortment
- Good company image and reputation
- Strong marketing and strategic planners
- Strong marketing support
- Strong technical support
- Good experience in direct approaching projects
- Good experience in generating resellers network
- Healthy team work environment
Sales Forecast
Saudi Arabia: 8 M SAR (2 M US $)
Qatar: 1 M QAR (500K US $)
Bahrain: 50 K BHD (200K US $)
Opportunity Statement
Saudi Arabia: High
Qatar: Medium
Bahrain: High
Market Position
Target Market share
SWOT Analysis
Long absence from the Gulf market
Construction booming in the Gulf region especially in Saudi Arabia
Weakness in the branding strategy of competitors
Strong hard worker agent loyal for the brand
Local producers generate prices pressure on us especially on the adhesives and the grouts
End consumer: Fare prices
Resellers: Good margin
Projects: Support certificates, technical support, competitive prices
End consumer: Good quality products, Fare prices
Reseller: Good margin, stock availability,
Projects: High quality, technical support, competitive prices, products certificates
Price sensitivity
Tilling Products (Grouting & adhesives) : High
Flooring & Water Insulation Systems: Medium
How to reach them
Consultants: Direct approach, Seminars, Building materials exhibitions.
Main and subcontractors: Site visits, Exhibitions, showrooms
Applicators: Showrooms, Resellers
Value driver
Decision process
Required Support
Technical training
Market data collection
Showroom in a strategical places
ASTM and other International Standards Certificates
What they want
Tiling & Construction Protection
Meduim Projects & Retail
The engineer will chose an applicator
The applicator will do market searching
The reseller will approach our products properly to the applicator
The applicator will decide to buy
Big Projects
Approaching the consultant companies to support them will all needed technical information and products certificates in order to put our products in the specifications book of the projects
We will do projects prospecting
We will provide our technical information, Samples and solutions to the consultants
We will approach our solutions with the offers to the main & sub contractor
The main Or sub contractors will decide to buy
Flooring & Water Insulation Systems
Medium Projects
The engineer will do market searching
We will approach our systems through our showrooms
The engineer will do the evaluation and put his recommendation to the owner
The owner will decide to buy
Big Projects
Approaching the consultant companies to support them will all needed technical information and products certificates in order to put our products in the specifications book of the projects
We will do projects prospecting
We will provide our solutions to the consultants
We will approach our solutions and offers to the main & sub contractor
The consultant will give his recommendation
The main Or sub contractor will decide to buy counting on the cost evaluation
Tilling products (Adhesives & Grouting)
Retail Market: Applicators through resellers
Projects: Subcontractors
Ideal customer
Flooring & Water Insulation Systems:
• Projects: Main Contractors & Subcontractors
Open Riyadh Vitra Fix showroom
Generate a resellers network in Riyadh
Open Dammam & Jeddah showroom either through distributors or by Al Ashkar Trading
Generate resellers network in the western and eastern areas
Projects Outdoor sales
Tilling Products
Open Riyadh showroom
Data collection of – consultants, main contractors – subcontractors
Build a loyal applicators list
Projects prospecting
Gain a big project in Riyadh as an entry reference
Start opening in other areas of Saudi project market
Flooring & Waterproofing Systems
Product: Solutions
Price: Middle to Upper market prices level
Place: Main Showrooms
Personality: Easy application, High Quality, Innovative and Superior Products.
Unique value proposition: High European standard quality
Customer experience: Required
Customer service: Training, Warranty, Site supervision.
Market entry plan
Product: Adhesive, Grouting & Sealant
Price: Middle to Upper market prices level
Place: Resellers network, Tiles showrooms
Personality: High performance adhesive, Flexible and color retention grouting materials
Unique value proposition: High European standard quality
Customer experience: Limited
Customer service: Stock Availability
Market entry plan
Direct Marketing
Highways billboards
Public newspapers
Public Relation
Building materials exhibitions:
Saudi Build 2013 (4 - 7 November)
Seminars for consultants and main contractors : 75 - 100 Engineers and Decision Makers
Applicators workshop day: In coordinating with Vita Fix Technical team & Trainers
Brochures & Internet Marketing
Arabic Translated Catalogue.
Al Ashkar Trading Website www.ashkartrading.com
Advertise in e-market websites
Feast gifts to the potential customers
Adhesives and Sealants are specialty chemical products that are extensively used across a wide variety of applications representing a market of 12.2 million tons globally from uses of which adhesives account for over 75 percent and sealants roughly the remaining 25 percent.
Rough estimate by analysts,put the market value of the GCC adhesive market at approximately 2% of the global market.
Adhesives & Sealant demand across the construction sector comprises nearly 25% of the demand for the products across application.

2013 - 2014
2013 - 2014
2013 - 2014
2013 - 2014
2013 - 2014
Tesekkür Ederiz

(within 24 Months)
Global Industrial Thermal Insulation Market to Reach US$5.0 Billion by 2017, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Visitors Profiles
High-profile investors
Business people
Local and international public figures
Property developers
Diplomats and high-ranking Saudi government officials
Building contractors and merchants
Building and housing institutes and associations
Civil and consulting engineers
Land and quantity surveyors
Project manager
In 2011, Saudi Build attracted
785 Exhibitors from 20 countries
22, 984 Visitors
26,000 sqm of exhibitor space
15 National Pavilions
85,000 SR
23,500 USD $

Giveaways gifts for applicators
30,000 SR
8,500 USD $

50,000 SR
13,500 USD $

10,000 SR
2,800 USD $

20,000 SR
5,500 USD$

with in 3 Years
5,000 SR
1,500 USD $

100,000 SR
27,000 USD $

300,000 SR
83,000 USD $

MARKETING Budget for
2013 - 2014
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