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Workplace Diversity

No description

hussain abidi

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Workplace Diversity

•Failure to respect others

•Competition rather than team work

•Failure to utilize differences
Disadvantages of workplace diversity
When we feel a sense of belonging it is not because we are the same as everyone else, but because we have been accepted as we are.”
Thank you for listening....
Managing Work- Place Diversity
Term Presentation
Inter-Personal Communication Skills
Asif Khan
Syed Hussain Baqar Abidi
Fizza Wajid
Lubna Baqai
Javeria Hashmi
Syed Faraz Haider
Presented by:
Types Of Workplace Diversity
Demographic Diversity
The most basic type of workplace diversity is that of demographic background, which encompasses age, gender and ethnicity.

Fundamental Diversity
Workplace diversity also encompasses more fundamental differences of values and objectives.
Increase creativity
Give new ideas and solution

Increase productivity
Workplace diversity increase employee morale.

Improves reputation
Gives competitive edge to organization
Communication Barriers
leads to poor employee relationship

Inhibits new ideas

Needs proper strategy
Negative attitude

When employees of other races, ethnicity and background work together, stereotyping can occur.
Managing A Diverse Workforce
Leadership’s Commitment
Procedural Justice
Distributive Justice
Dual Career Families
Accommodating work and family needs
Workers of Color
Diversity training
Awareness building
Skill building
Single Parents and Working Mothers
Child-care services in workplace
flexible working arrangements
The state or quality of being different or varied

A point of difference
Generally Diversity is seen as.....
Jinato Hu quotes
"Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today."
The U.S. is a kaleidoscope of the world’s cultures.
Diversity represents the U.S.’s biggest challenge.
US delegates huge resources and establish several reforms to address these challenges but none of us would believe them successful.
Do You know this Lady?
Can anyone call her blind?
Though she represents Blind Justice..
Experiential Diversity
Varied life experiences represent another type of workplace diversity.
Informational Diversity
Informational diversity refers to differences in educational background and individual knowledge base.
Workplace diversity means hiring people with different human qualities or who belong to various cultural groups.
Workplace diversity
Some types of workplace diversity can contribute to conflict in negative ways in respect to their consideration.
Learning and growth
Gives opportunity for personal growth

Reduce ligation expenses
Equal pay

Religious and political beliefs

Sexual harassment
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