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No description

Prexel Union

on 2 May 2015

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This parasites enters the body of a male crab,matures and then finally appears as a large sack beneath the crabs stomach and controls the crabs brain,forcing it to look and act like a female crab.
Saculina carcini
This Fungi's prey are usually insects.
The fungi grows onto the side of a trees roots and waits for an insect to wonder across its path and infects the insects body with fungal spores.The fungi then is able to control the brain of the ant and is forced to climb to the top of the tree it has been grown onto to spread the fungi spores into the air By growing a tall fungi from the hosts head.
No,im not talking about ms.Quito,these parasites are usually spotted in sunset and is possibly lethal to be stung by one because the misquito most of the time carries over 10 different blood types.You dont know if the previous victim had cancer or was an animal so its not very healthy!
Now this parasite is truely terrifying,it lives in warm contaminated lakes and travels through your nose and the singlular parasite will multiply and within 6 days,half of your brain will be consumed by the amoebas.Brain eating amoebas can also be in poorly chlorinated pools or mot chlorinated pools at all.Brain eating amoebas are way more terrifying than sharks because you wont even know the parasite is there,it can be in absoloutly any fresh water locations...
Brain eating amoeba
tape worms are such free loaders!
Say your eating dinner with your family,you have eaten 2 whole turkeys with mashpotatos,you could'nt eat another bite but then suddenly,the selfish doosh bag tape worm eats all of the food you have just recently eaten!So your hungry again,but you cant go for thirds because your family will think your a greedy poo-face so you just end up going to sleep basically with no food!WTF tape worm!?WTF!?
Tape worm
The bot fly is just extremely disturbing,it will try to lay its maggot babies into your body!
You cant let this happen!But the bot fly is one smart doosh pickle!It will just wait up in a tree or some where you cant get it!When you decide to give up and say"oh,its just a fly!Im being immature!"The demon fly from hell will visit you when your asleep,enter your tent,dig into your skin and lay a dozen maggot eggs in your body.
You will have to live with these maggots until they are large enough to dig themselves out!
An "eye worm" may not kill you but will provide you plenty of pain as you go on with your regular or irregular day!The eye worm will settle in your eye and eating away all of your nutrients!They can grow up to 6 or possibly 7 feet long!
most Leeches live in contaminated waters of Africa,germany and the Amazon,ETC...
Similiar to worms they do not have the capability to see but have an interesting way to detect prey by sensing movement and shadows in the water.
2000 years ago,leeches were know to be the living version of vaccines because in order to get rid of infected blood,leeches helped humans out by sucking out the blood.
leeches use there 300 sets of teeth to create a suckable hole to drink from.
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