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john cabot

No description

Abeer Mumtaz

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of john cabot

AWARDS/ACCOMPLISHMENT John Cabot was born with the name of Giovanni Caboto in Italy in 1450. He was a navigator and an explorer, and when 1947 came by he moved to Bristol, England, with his family. INTRODUCTION Italian sailor and explorer John Cabot was born around 1450 in Genoa Italy. Cabot was the son of a spice merchant Guilo Cabot, in Genoa. At age 11, his family moved to Venice. In 1474 , John Cabot married a girl named Mattea and eventually became the father of three sons: Ludovico, Sancto, and Saebiastiano. In 1476, Cabot officially became a Venetian citizen and began conducting trade in the eastern Mediterranean. Records indicate that he got financial trouble and left Venice as a debtor in November 1488. FAMILY/BACKGROUND EDUCATION/ TRAINING John Cabot and his family moved to the city of Venice when he was 11 years old, but in Venice John's father continued to trade spices, John helped his family with the trading business. He learned about trading in the spices from the East from his father. That means that Venice was a place to learn cartography. From this John Cabot would have learned about cartography, astronomy, mathematics, and navigation. John Cabot and his family, trading spices would have also made many connections in Europe, a knowledge of language had been a requirement of the skills for him. Voyages A few years after his marriage, John set off to look for a sponsor for his voyage. On March 5, 1496 in Bristol, England, John Cabot met with King Henry and was told that he was allowed to sail in all directions, except South, because that was where the Spaniard were. That was when John Cabot set off on his first voyage, which was on May 2, 1497, from Bristol Harbour with a crew of 18 men. The ship they sailed on was “The Matthew" For a while they headed North, when John and his crew sailed pass the tip of Ireland. After that, they sailed West for 5 weeks. One June 21, 1497, he first land, and when John and his crew went into the forest after a short distance. there, they found proof of the Indians. After gathering a few items, they went straight to their ship, the Matthew, and while leaving they noticed that the sea was full of fish. They were shocked to be able to lower a basket over the side of the ship and fill it with fish. on July 20, 1497, John Cabot sailed back to England, but returned the next year. He was the first European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for Northwest Passage. John Cabot sailed to North America for new land , and he succeeded. If it wasn't for him , Europeans would have never heard of Newfoundland or Greenland. A statue was there is to admire John Cabot for his major achievement. BY: ABEER, AND KRISHA JOHN CABOT INTERESTING FACTS "Sayled in this tracte so farre towarde the weste, that the Ilande of Cuba bee on my lefte hande, in manere in the same degree of longitude."– John Cabot

The Italian word Caboto means “ a coastal seaman" which was a common name given to sailors and navigators.

John Cabot second son Sebastain Cabot also sailed to North America and explored the Eastern coastline.

During Cabot' s second voyage the weather was cold and the journey was made difficult by the icebergs. The crew refused to proceed farther North. Cabot had no choice but to turn South along the coast of Greenland.

There is no records of the date or reason for the death of John Cabot, however king Henry VII continued to pay John Cabot until 1499. Therefore some people think Cabot was not lost at the sea but safely returned to England. Others think the income was just to pay his family. RESOURCES 1.http://c85c7a.medialib.glogster.com/media/23/23ffeafe981ac6d35764e080a982b4a67216cde3867d0b922f917fe5b3bb6c1f/cabot-map.gif - map







9. http://www.history-timelines.org.uk/people-timelines/14-john-cabot-timeline.htm WHATCH THIS: Resources Books 1.John Cabot, by Galoldriel Watson, Canada 2005

2.John Cabot, by Tony Bastable, 2004 in North America Resources Pictures 1.http://www.cmhg.gc.ca/cmh/image-20-eng.asp?page_id=17
4.http://www.heritage.nf.ca/exploration/cabot_london.html A deep pink rose was named after John Cabot

Newfoundland has a Cabot Lake, a Cabot Point, and the Cabot Islands

John Cabot University is in Rome

The John Cabot trail on Cape Breton Island is known for its great beauty. INTERESTING FACTS Voyages THE LIFE OF JOHN CABOT John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy. 1450 1474 John Cabot married a girl named Mattea. John and Mattea had three sons named Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto. 1461 He moved to Bristol, England. 1490 King Henry VII let John Cabot to go towards the west, east, and north' sailing under the English flag. 1496 John Cabot boards his ship, the Matthew, to explore the lands across the Atlantic, hoping to find a Northwest passage. 1497 In the early August he reached Bristol, and he was greeted warmly in Bristol Harbour. The merchants, heard the story of the fish, but were disappointed that he had never found any riches, such as silks, jewels, and spices, but they knew that the fish was an important part of the European diet. Although this happened, King Henry was pleased with him, and gave him an award of 10 pounds. In the year of 1448, John Cabot set off on his second voyage. He and his crew set sail five ships. Once they were caught in a storm, and no one heard from them again. John Cabot moved to Venice with his family. A TIMELINE 1499 He died in 1499, but knowbody knows how.
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