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Lean Lego

No description

Bob Kayler

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Lean Lego

 (8) LEGO® Mini Quad kits.
Each kit includes the following quantities:
(4) Tires, Black
(4) Rims, Yellow
(2) Axles (2x2), Black
(1) Frame (2x6), Yellow
(1) Frame (2x6), Gray
(1) Roll Bar (2x4), Black
(1) Plate w/ Vert. Grip (1x2), Black
(1) RR Mud Guard (2x4), Yellow
(1) FRT Mud Guard (2x4), Yellow
(2) Plate (1x2), Gray
(1) Handle, Gray
(2) Light (1x1), Red
(1) Plate (2x2), Black MATERIALS: Continuous Improvement KanBan, Visual Control , Push vs Pull System, Leveling Utilizing the disciplines
and tools of
Lean Manufacturing Organization, Production output increases, Standardized work,
Less overproduction, JIT, Changeover reductions SORT Shine Standardize Sustain Continuous Improvement 5s List of Tools Gains from improvements Start process over Set in Order PARTICIPANTS:

•Operator A
•Operator B
•Plant Manager (simulation facilitator) 4 Lean Lego Runs, optional 5th run. Operator A Operator B Run 1 SLO's Run 2 SLO's Run 3 SLO's Run 4 SLO's Run 5 SLO's Utilizing Kanban system for inventory cue
Waste of overproduction
Changeover reductions
Profit 5s
Waste of Overproduction
Changeover Reductions
Profit Pull System vs. Push system
Small Lots
Takt time
Visual Controls
Kanban Kanban
Pull System
Line Leveling Takt time
Line Leveling
WIP Balanced Out of Balance
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