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World War I 2012

No description

Erin Appl

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of World War I 2012

The journey through WWI. World War I The Objective of World War I Thus laying the foundation for WWII Boys and Girls! War Savings Stamps Poster by James Montgomery Flagg 1917-18 World War I
The Great War
“War to end all wars” When? What? 1914-1918 War involving nearly all the nations of the world World War I
The Great War
The War to End ALL Wars: Slide 4 Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his Wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg one hour before their deaths, June 28, 1914 Short term –
Assassination of Franz Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Long term -
1. Alliance system- agreement to protect each other
2. Imperialism : keep control of colonies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
3. Militarism: creating and accumulating more and more advanced weapons
4. Nationalism: extreme pride in one’s country Why? World War I: Serbian Nationalist
Gavrilo Princip The Assassin and the Archduke In looking at this map, what is nationalism about? Aggressive Nationalism What color is the Allied Powers? The Central Powers? Europe during World War I Slide 9 Central Powers: Triple Alliances: Russia
Great Britain
United States (1917) Germany
Ottoman Empire
Bulgaria Who? World War I and then because of Alliances:
Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia

(Russia declared war on Austria Hungary)

Germany declared war on Russia

France declared war on Germany

Britain declared war on Germany

Japan declared war on Germany

Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and the Union of South Africa colonies of Great Britain all came to the defense of Britain and her allies Slide 12 US Exports to both sides: Allies: Central Powers: Close cultural ties
Shared transatlantic cables (so censored stories)
Big business loaned much $ to allies 11 million German-Americans
Irish-Americans hated Great Britain Which side should the US pick? Slide 13 Y-53 German Submarine 1916 Germany announced a submarine war around Britain Britain blockaded (stopped) all German ships going to America 1. Blockades What did it take to get the US involved? Slide 14 In May, 1915 Germany told Americans to stay off of British ships
They could/would sink them 1. Blockades What did it take to get the US involved? Slide 15 German Propaganda Justifying Lusitania sinking Was eventually found to be carrying 4200 cases of ammunition Germany torpedoed the ship, Lusitania, sinking with 1200 passengers and crew (including 128 Americans) 1. Blockades What did it take to get the US involved? Slide 16 Why? Otherwise their blockade would not be successful 1917 Germany announced “unlimited submarine warfare” in the war zone 2. Unlimited Submarine Warfare What did it take to get the US involved? Slide 17 Zimmerman Note
+ the sinking of 4 unarmed American ships
= led to a
Declaration of War It promised Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona back in return for an alliance,
Germany wanted Mexico to start a war with the United States. US intercepted a note from Germany to Mexico, 3. Zimmerman Note What did it take to get the US involved? Slide 18 3. Woodrow Wilson – 14 points & League of Nations Making the World Safe for Democracy 1. War to End All Wars Idealism: 2 Goals For War: How do you think this poster helped to convince the American people that the war was a good idea? Posters - Gee!! Convincing the American People Slide 19 Supplies: American Troops March Through London US provided the food, money, and fresh troops needed to win the war What did the US do to help? Slide 20 Results of World War I

November 11, 1918 – Armistice Day
The Allies won
22 million on both sides died
the landscape of Europe was devastated Slide 24 World War I Casualties Slide 22
Treaty of Versailles
Signed by the leaders of Great Britain, France, and the United States
Germany was forced to pay for damages done to the Allied countries
Germany also had to give up territory What? When? Why? Who? 1. Blockades 1. Blockades 1. Blockades 2. Unlimited Submarine Warfare 3. Zimmerman Note Idealism: 3 Goals Supplies: Slide 11 America was isolationist
We did not want to get involved “over there”, we have our own issues to deal with & we are across the ocean
After the Monroe Doctrine we put up an invisible wall, as to not take part in any other country’s affairs
“Why should I get involved in someone else’s problems” Why did it take so long for America to get involved in the war? this line is not on your paper - hint hint
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