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Copy of History of a Carbon Atom

No description

Fiona McCann

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of History of a Carbon Atom

History of a
Carbon Atom By: Fiona McCann
May 31, 2013
Honors Biology Hi! My name is Carlos Carbon. I'm a carbon atom on the palm of your hand! I bet you're wondering how I even got here in the first place. It is quite a journey- let me tell you about it! It all started when I was just a simple carbon atom in the atmosphere! I combined with my friends Ollie Oxygen and Oliver Oxygen to become carbon dioxide- we call ourselves "The Two O-migos plus Carbon"! Through photosynthesis, the three of us were sucked into a nearby tree's stomata. From there we were made into carbohydrates. After a little while, the tree died and started to decompose. For hundreds of years, I was stuck under many layers of soil. Eventually I became part of fossil fuels. Finally, after such a long time, the fossil fuels were discovered and burned- releasing me back into the atmosphere! Once again in the atmosphere, I met back up with my buddies Ollie and Oliver Oxygen. But shortly after, through diffusion, the three of us were put into the ocean as carbon dioxide again. After floating around in the ocean, we were then absorbed by plankton. Not too long after, a scallop ate the plankton we were in. But then the scallop was eaten by a nearby star fish! I just kept being bounced around from organism to organism! The starfish was then eaten by a bony fish. I thought that my journey was finished- but was I wrong! Later that evening, the fish was caught by a fisherman and eaten for his supper! After I had been eaten through the bony fish by the fisherman, I was once again released into the atmosphere during respiration in the form of carbon dioxide. While being carbon dioxide, I met two new oxygen molecules named Ogla and Orsino. That's how I ended up in the palm of your hand! Well, I had a lot of fun telling you about my adventures! But sadly, I have to go now to start a new one. I hope I'll end up in Spain- I've never been there before, and I've been practicing my Spanish! I'm sure that we will somehow meet up again in the future. Until next time my friend! The End After getting to know my two new buddies, we were swept into the stomata of a parsley leaf. Through photosynthesis we were made into glucose, which is 6 carbon, 12 hydrogen, and 6 oxygen! I met so many new friends: Carla, Cory, Christopher, Carly, Chelsea, Hannah, Haley, Hazel, Hope, Honey, Hallie, Harry, Henry, Henrietta, Hugo, Humphrey, Hank, Owen, Octavius, Ophelia, Opal, Oswald and Oscar. If you count, there's 24 of us- including me! It was like joining a sorority for molecules! After having lots of parties and jamming out with all my new friends, the parsley plant died. It was broken down by detritivores and bacteria, and I was released into the soil all by myself. But today, you decided to come outside and garden- and you just happened to dig up the patch of dirt that I was trapped in! I made so many new friends! But learning all of their names wasn't easy! Orsino Olga Hey! Down here! Adios mi amigo!
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