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NQTs Introduction to Visible Learning

No description

Sarah Philp

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of NQTs Introduction to Visible Learning

Introduction to Visible Learning
Sarah Philp & Fiona Brown
Educational Psychology Service

The Visible Learning Approach
Learning Intentions
By the end of the sessions, you will:
understand the key Visible Learning messages
be able to make the links between these and what happens in your class
know the impact you have on your learners - developing assessment capable learners
5 Strands
Visible Learners
Know thy impact
Effective feedback
Inspired and Passionate Teachers
Visible Learning school
John Hattie's Research
Collective knowledge base - what has the greatest impact
Average expected growth effect size = 0.4

Visible Learners (1.44)
Assessment capable learners - the most important thing we can do.
They can ask & answer the following:
Where am I going?
How am I doing?
Where to next?

Meta-cognition & language of learning
Have a growth mindset
How will we do this?
Focus on knowledge into action
Using research / evidence to inform
Examples from practitioners
School based learning
Learning conversations with supporters
Visible Learning principles

We need to make learning visible & explicit to learners.
Teacher - Student Relationships (0.72)
Building trust - relational trust & feedback
Welcoming error
Growth mindset
School Based Learning
What is your baseline - visible learners?
evidence gathering
discuss with supporter
identify next steps
Reflect on the standards for registration with your supporter and consider which one this relates to.
Read chapters 4 & 5 before the next session on 12th October
Know Thy Impact
Research Spotlights
@mideps @mideduteam
#VLNetworkUK #VLMidlothian
Developing Assessment Capable Learners in Midlothian
Developing Metacognition
In addition to skills and knowledge,

children need to develop good habits or dispositions of learning

Claxton - we are always teaching habits!
History PLUS credulity
History PLUS criticality

fractions PLUS experimentation
fractions PLUS fear of mistakes

Claxton: Building Learning Power
Guy Claxton - 23rd September
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