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The Book Thief: Movie vs Book

No description

Angelina Borruel

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of The Book Thief: Movie vs Book

The Book Thief:
Movie vs Book

Overall View
The Book Thief was first a book, then a movie. Unfortunately, as most movie productions do, the movie did not fully capture the entire story line of the actual book. Here are some major differences I noticed between the book and the movie.
The book described the characters as poor
In the movie, they sometimes looked normal and healthy
The Mayor's Library
In the book, there is little communication between Ilsa Hermann and Liesel when they are in the mayor's library
In the movie, Liesel and Ilsa Hermann talk whenever they are in togehter
Hans Hubermann
The book has many scenes in which Hans is smoking
Hans never smokes in the movie
But both do have scenes in which he plays his accordion
The Stolen Books
In the movie, Liesel is frequently stealing books
In the book, she steals less books
Some of the titles of the stolen books mentioned in the book were different in the movie
By: Benjamin Benitez
Rudy and Liesel
Their relationship was clearly shown in the book
Explian difference
The Ending
Both the book and movie end with Death saying this quote:
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