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Boom Beach

No description

Ram Ganeswaran

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Boom Beach

About the Ratings
Boom Beach ratings are 4.5 but the reason why I would rate it to a 3 stars is because of how it crashes so frequently, I couldn't play for months until recently it started working again, which when I researched about it on other websites, the same thing happens to many other users that play on iPad. I don't play Boom Beach anymore since of the frequent crashes that happened, and many other users experienced the same issues as well.

What is Boom Beach?

A game with 5.3k ratings claiming 4 and a half stars, Boom beach is a fascinating game based upon World War 2 characteristics, and only accessible certain apple products. It's about strategy and how one defeats player's or non-playing characters territories. Boom Beach is based on a view of the United States military in 1950s or approximately around the time. The game includes artillery pieces, weapons, armored vehicles and guns, but everything in the app is cartoon. The game is a form of strategy and follows the exact concept of other strategy games found on Apple store.
The game gets addicting sometimes in my opinion, It's a strategy game and I usually play many strategy games which are multilayer, such as "Territory Conquest", "Little Men" and others. I also liked how it was based upon World War 2 and had artillery, bombs and warships which fit the military theme.
Events and Add-ons
There is also random events that occur during the game, such as Doctor terror, which has stages which each stage with increased difficulty. Once complete, a reward is given to the player. There are also diamond chests you can find around the game. Thousands of players play Boom Beach, as is a famous strategy game which is available to many countries and can be compatible with many different languages. Boom Beach runs many advertisements threw other apps to gain more players and maintain the game, which the company is known to make money off of ingame packs such as "Diamond Add-ons" which increase the in-game diamonds that can be used to skip load time and instant build, or replace coins if you do not have enough. The diamond packs can range from $9.99 to $99.99, which many players buy the packs, so basically the company Supercell earns a lot of money from. There is many upcoming updates to Boom Beach which might be neat too.
Player's Goal
It also took some thinking in order to get progress towards the game, as it's a strategy game. The players can attack you when your offline, but cannot attack your base when your online. The tutorial teaches you how to build defenses within your island to defend off enemy invaders and protect your resources. The player gets resources upon rescuing tribal islands and invading the enemy "Blackguard" or Attacking other player's bases to earn coins and resources. You can also capture bases held by blackguard or other players which produces resources and transported via ship to your island. These resources can be used to build construction such as buildings, defenses, support and minor resource producers.
Age Group
The game has Mild Cartoon and Fantasy Violence, as stated in App store, which means it's appropriate for ages 9+. I do agree that it should be 9+, as majority of games exactly with the same theme and style of this game has the same concept, and it's 7-10+, for example "Clash of Clans" which is a game like Boom Beach, but in a more medieval theme. COC has a age rating of 9+, because of the same concept.
About the Creators
The creators, "Supercell" were the ones who made Boom Beach, and COC. Supercell was founded on June 2010, and created Boom Beach on around 2012. Supercell was founded in Helsinki, Finland. They have shared many of their profits they earned from Boom Beach to other companies, and currently isn't working on anything for Boom Beach or any other game.
Video Game Review
Ram Ganeswaran

There were many ad campaigns in advertising into Boom Beach, and that's how most players found this game. I never knew about this game till I kept seeing tons of ads, but there was appearntly no consumerism taken by SuperCell, apparently because it didn't effect any other game or talked about any other game but Clash of Clans, which was also made by SuperCell.
There are no bad languages or any talking in Boom Beach, on text and there isn't much talking. There are parts where a person insults you or taunts the player but there is no language in that either.
Boom Beach is a strategy, and fully takes on the concept of strategy which they use the theme and scripts like many other strategy games on app store, so the game doesn't follow a basic routine or can run on a actual console, so the game is only on apple products such a iPad, iPod and iPhone. It also seems that the budget to pay for creating a app is $99.99 while getting it published onto as a game for PS3, XBOX, Wii; etc. would mean spending millions of dollars with less profit to earn. Supercell earned $1.2 Billion Dollars from creating Boom Beach mince the Advertising so they have earned alot of money without selling it as a video game for consoles.
Ease of Play
Like most strategy games, I have noticed how hard it was to figure out how to play a game without the tutorial, but the tutorial is short and easy for Boom Beach. Once you learn and seen the tutorial, the game gets really good and sometimes addicting.
A huge game filled with thousands of players, this fascinating strategic game had set a new record for strategy, with billions made and players continue to play it, It had made a new history for games. The game continues to be updated with more animations, add-ons, graphics and characters. The game overall scored 4.5, considering it a great game to play and still should be downloaded by apple users today.
Quality of the game
There have been new updates when I recently played Boom Beach, which had new graphics which did have lag issues, but was very unique and interesting. Although its a video game on a app, and cannot process the "best" graphics, Supercell did a great job with the graphics and have improved it by this month.
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