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What is Social Science?

No description

Edward Primi

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of What is Social Science?

What is Social Science?
studies human beings as a species and as members of different cultures.
explores humanity through mental processes and behaviour. For the most part, the focus is placed on the individual.
studies human beings in groups. Sociologists study how individuals respond within groups and how groups can influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.
Physical Anthropology
compares humans to other species and how humans have developed biologically.
- Paleoanthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Primatology, Archaeology, Human Variation
Cultural Anthropology
attempts to understand how cultures exist, survive and thrive.
– Ethnology, Linguistic Anthropology
Subgroups (schools)
Psychodynamic, Behaviourism, Humanism, Cognitive, Developmental
Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism
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