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Linear settlement pattern

No description

Arshdeep Nigaha

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Linear settlement pattern

Linear settlement pattern
What is a
linear settlement pattern?

A linear settlement pattern is where houses or buildings are lined up by the road. A linear settlement is mainly followed along a transport route. Many people make their houses and buildings so it can be a more easy transport for their goods.
This is how a linear settlement pattern looks like
Where are Linear Settlement patterns?
Why are there linear settlement patterns?
Linear settlement patterns are there to make it more easier for us because linear settlements have houses and buildings closer to each other so people can have a more assessable way of transporting or receiving goods.

They are all over the world. But they are more commonly in the Uk,Manchester, and London.

-it has arranged buildings that are small sized to medium sized
-its a more easier transport for your goods
-you get to meet many people that live there
-it not to crowded because all the houses and buildings are lined up by the road

The advantages of
linear settlement patterns.
by: Arshdeep, Harjasan, Monique
1. Describe a linear settlement pattern
2. where are linear settlement patterns?
3. Why are there linear settlement patterns?
4. describe the difference between a linear,clustered,and scattered
5. From each group explain one advantage of a linear settlement pattern

6. Come up with a real-life example of a linear settlement patterns.
A real life example.
A school hallway is a like a real life example of a linear settlement pattern.
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